Update on Ernandel

by Jeff Richard


Leader: Lord Furlam Odranging

Ernandel was founded by a Syllilan leader named Ernand who built it to control travel along the river and guard against the Alkothings. It quickly became a market for the local Darani clans (the Sardarkesting, Orlantteffing and Kastanging clans) and the population were primarily Darani. Ernand's successors were later replaced by a warlord of the Orlantteffing clan aided by the Lakrini. Unlike Thubana, Ernandel has rarely been under Dara Happan rule.

Under the leadership of the Lord Furlam, Ernandel has become effectively part of the confederation of Lakrene. As a result, trade with Lakrene and Dorastor has flourished, enriching the city and rapidly growing its population. In 333, Ernandel is the richest and largest city in Dara Ni.

Ernandel is walled with great earthen ramparts topped off by wooden walls and towers. It is built atop a low hill overlooking the Erinflarth river and has three gated entries. Ernandel is layed out around a large, central square which is paved with stone. This square is the location of the main market selling goods from further up and down the Erinflarth and is easily accessed from the River Gate. In the vicinity of the square are several temples housing shrines of the gods, the Great Hall of Ernandel (rebuilt as a small fortress by Kestenus the Tyrant and now the residence of Lord Furlam and his Lakrini thanes) and the houses and halls of the wealthy and prominent.

A long crooked street running off from the central square is the location of most of Ernandel's crafters and artisans. This street (paved with timber) forms virtually a city within the city. It was badly looted by the Lakreni warriors who captured the city. However in the following years, the artisans' street has prospered as trade with Lakrene and Dorastor has flourished.

Surrounding the central square and artisans' street in a nearly random fashion are the homes and huts of the farmers, fishermen and unskilled laborers of Ernandel. They range from small halls suitable for a carl or cottar, to ramshackle huts crowded together and filled with unskilled half-free laborers who rank little better than thralls. Cows, sheep and pigs wander through the unpaved streets, in many cases unattended. Much of the remaining space within the city walls is grazeland where animals are pastured or farmed, although the better farmland and pastures are outside the city walls.

A small enclave of Dara Happans has been recently constructed within the city walls.

Troops: 60 warriors, 20 mercenaries, 20 DH soldiers

Prominent Lakrini thanes include:

City Population: 900

A quick occupational break-down of the adult population of Ernandel is as follows:

60 Lakrini thanes (of which 45 plus the players are Odrangings)
20 Terarir mercenaries (Led by Oswind the Sword).
20 Dara Happan soldiers.
40 wealthy merchants, priests and prominent townsfolk
15 wealthy Dara Happan exiles
70 skilled artisans and crafters
50 wealthy carls (who have farms with cottars outside of the walls)
180 fisherfolk
150 Dara Happan peasants
185 unskilled laborers, criminals, beggars, etc.
40 slaves

Of this wealthy, roughly 10 are merchants, 15 are priests and 15 are wealthy prominent townsfolk (principly the wives of the merchants and priests).

Some prominent townsfolk:

Temples in Ernandel:

Orlanth - 1 priest (Hastingas, a god-talker of Syllilan descent)

The Orlanth of Ernandel is depicted as a tall man with a bear's skin wrapped over his shoulders and head. He is armed with the lighting spear. Smaller shrines to his companions Elmal, Heler, Kotorum and Mastakos flank him. The temple has been richly endowed by the Lakrini Orlanthi and even though Hastingas is the official priest, most consider Lord Furlam to be Orlanth's storm voice.

The Lifebringers - 2 priests (Borel, a kinsman of Sorel, and Bryssa, a wealthy Darani Orlanthi).

The Lifebringers of Ernandel (Orlanth, Ernalda, Chalana Arroy, Lhankhor Mhy, Issaries, **** the Mad, Rakenveg) are the gods taught to the Darani by the Theyalan missionaries two centuries ago. Their ceremonies are public and are performed by the entire city community. The temple to the Lifebringers faces the main square of Ernandel.

Barntar - 1 priest (Lanad, a Darani farmer)

Barntar, or Lod-Bantar as he is sometimes known, is worshipped by the Darani farmers and Dara Happan peasants. The temple was richly supported by Kestenos the Tyrant, who showed Lanad that Lod-Bantar was a descendent of the distant god Lodril (presumably on the god's mother's side). Under Lord Furlam's rule it continues to be richly rewarded.

Nealda-Oria - 2 priestesses (Henemara and Sernesa)

Nealda-Oria is the local version of the Great Goddess worshipped at Garnadrin. Her ceremonies are public and are performed by the entire community. Her secrets are that of the women of Ernandel, for she is the goddess of woman, fertillity, childbirth and harvests. Her senior priestess Henemara has the title High Priestess of Ernandel and is considered the ranking priest of Ernandel. Each spring the priestess has sacred intercourse with the representative of the ranking men's god.

Erinflarth - 1 priestess (Tritta the Young)

The Erinflarth is the great river that feeds Ernandel, carries its commerce and is its lifeline to the rest of Darani. The Erinflarth ceremonies are public and are performed by the entire community.

Ezelthilla - 1 priestess (Agade)

Ezelthilla is a goddess of the Otherworld and a key figure in the Darani Sacred Time. Her cult is private and her initiation rites are a mystery to outsiders.

Daran - 1 priest (Gestoranos)

Daran is a Darkness survival hero and is worshipped by his descendants the Darani. Daran teaches the main path for adult initiation amongst the folk of Ernandel.

Yesten - 1 priest (Koban)

Yesten is the Boatman and the god of the fisherfolk.

Naveria - 1 priestess (Ezelethia)

Naveria is a Dara Happan goddess, said to be a sister of Nealda-Oria. Her shrine is in the temple of Nealda-Oria.

Ernalda - 1 priestess (Ranella)

The goddess of the spiritual earth and Great Mother of the Orlanthi, the Ernalda temple is richly supported by the Orlanthi thanes and those who seek favors from them.

Xiola Umbar - 1 priestess (Martog)

This Darkness goddess provides succor to the weak and misfortunate. Her temple is a dark underground chamber near the city walls and her priestess is a monstrous, yet compassionate, uz.

Humakt - 1 priest (Oswind)

This dread war god's only shrine is a sacred dueling ground.

There are many other shrines in Ernandel that are not attended by full-time priests.

Orlanthi Clans of Dara-Ni

The primitive folk of Dara-Ni who worshipped the goddesses at Garnadrin embraced Orlanth worship after encountering the Lifebringer missionaries several centuries ago. They have continued to venerate their traditional deities, ancestors and spirits and many have also embraced gods from Terarir and even Dara Happa. 

Some forty "septs" or clans averaging around 500 members are scattered throughout the lower Erinflarth valley. Some of the septs claim a single divine ancestor and are more properly refered to as a clan or tribe. These "clans" or "tribes" are usually very weak and have difficulty uniting. All of the Dara-Ni Orlanthi clans except the Orlantteffings and the Sardakestings pay some tribute to the city lords but are largely left alone.

In 332, the city lord of Ernandel decisively defeated the Orlantteffings in battle and killed the tribal chief, taking his regalia. The new Orlantteffing chief, Guntorl, received the regalia from Lord Furlam and swore friendship. This has resulted in something of a diplomatic revolution in Dara Ni, with the Orlantteffings, Sardakestings, and Kastangings all swearing friendship to the city lord of Ernandel and acknowledging his primacy.


Population: 2500
Septs: 5
Warriors: 25
Tribal Chief: Kaledin the Fox

The Kastangings are a small clan that pays tribute to the city lord of Ernandel. Their tribal chief is elected by the farmers and hunters of the clan, not the sept chiefs.


Population: 3500
Septs: 7
Warriors: 40
Tribal Chief: Vareshgata

The Kanakorings are a mid-sized clan. Their clan leader is always the senior priestess of Kanak-Oria.


Population: 4000
Septs: 8
Warriors: 50
Tribal Chief: Guntorl

The Orlantteffings are one of the most powerful and unified Darani clans. 8 septs, under the traditional leadership of the Gardar sept, and counseled by the sept chiefs. They are currently allied with the city lord of Ernandel.


Population: 5000
Septs: 10
Warriors: 50
Tribal Chief: Aldeshtarlor

The Sardarkestings are the largest of the Darani clans. Their tribal chief is appointed by the leaders of the 10 septs. Although he speaks for the Sardarkestings, his word cannot bind the sept chiefs, who are the true leaders of the clan. They are currently allied with the city-lord of Ernandel.

Independent Septs

Population: 4000
Septs: 10
Warriors: 40

Other Folks of Dara-Ni

Dara Happan Settlements

Villages: 12
Population: 6000

There has been some migration from Darjiin and Henjarl over the last two centuries and as a result several small Dara Happan villages occupy lower Dara Ni where the Erinflarth becomes sluggish and marshy. The traditional goddesses of Garnadrin are venerated as wives and consorts of Lodril by the peasants. The villages give tribute to the city lords in exchange for protection and are subject to conscription and forced labor.

In 332-333, a wave of Dara Happans fleeing from the civil war between the Emperors Mahzanelm and Erraibdavu, settled in Dara Ni.


Population: 1500

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