Hrothgar the Mighty

Hrothgar the Mighty is a popular but thick swordthane of the Odranging clan. At birth he was gifted with words of of power. A huge, passionate man, he fears nothing. He wields the storm and his Alkothi-killing blade Demon-Biter. His raids against the Alkothi are legendary. The rich brother of Warlord Kulenath, his generosity is matched only by his sense of justice. He is well-versed in Orlanthi customs and religion. Like Kulebras Ironbreaker, Hrothgar tamed a sky bull on Grizzly Peak. He married Elerandra, an ambitious merchant. Wuld the Loud is his loyal shield-bearer. His foster-brother, the ever-watchful Janalath Cloud-Waker, is sworn to him. Lord Demon-of-Death, Warlord of the High Council, owes Hrothgar a favor. He swore to protect Erilindia as Kulebras protected Vyrope.

Kulebras united many tribes in a peaceful council and forged a nation. He built a city where all could gather and obtained a goddess' blessing. He travelled the secret path up Vorios Mountain, spoke to Orlanth, and received the great weapon Ironbreaker. A great warleader, he protected his people from foreigners.

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