Jangi Two-Step

Jangi Two-Step is a mercurial Yinkini Shadow-Brother of the Odrangi clan of the Lakrene tribe. He's a warrior, not a hunter. His heroic grandfather, Heavy Dancer, jumped atop Alkoth and survived. Jangi inherited his grandfather's sense of humor, his great luck, hatred of Alkoth and the ability to get anywhere in two steps. Like his grandfather, he can face any foe: his first strike is lethal if he looks them in the eye. His mother, Vornethendra, the high Priestess, taught him to read, write, and love poetry. Jangi scouts and fights for troll war bands. He's vengeful and manic-depressive, equally given to stinging remarks and thoughtful acts.

[Jangi is Nallindia's brother]

Last updated 21 May 00.

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