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The Orlanthi clans are organized into tribes. Clans occasionally switch their membership (in my campaign, the Melvori clan just joined the Riagos tribe, leaving the Atnakol).

The Confederation (or Kingdom) of Delela is a loose grouping of the following tribes:

  • Ajim
  • Atnakol
  • Borethol
  • Esismi
  • Filgona
  • Gesain
  • Halgol
  • Nardaini
  • Narit
  • Niltelmor
  • Pranute
  • Riagos
  • Rioximagol Protsam
  • Rolin
  • Talmon

Saug is similar to Delela, consisting of the following tribes:

  • Ayosaug-Sefaroi
  • Dolemay
  • Gospayl
  • Maula
  • Neomal
  • Nivion

Keanos is formed only of clans, though its king considers himself an equal to the kings of Delela and Saug.

According to the Genertela Book, Delela has a population of 200000."The Kingdom of Delela has maintained a confederacy of a dozen tribes under the erratic guidance of the Voshfrei dynasty." If there are only a dozen tribes, I think each is too large, so I added a few.

Saug has a population of 100000 and "several friendly tribes."

Keanos is listed as having a population of 100000, which is way too large if it's a single tribe: "The king claims equality with all other political leaders, even though his tribe numbers but thousands."

(Thanks to Jonas Schiött for most of the tribes.)

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