Sun - October 15, 2006

Graph Paper Generator, with hex grids and more 

I don’t use graph paper or blank hex sheets as much in my games, but this online graph paper generator looks awesome. You get to enter some choices into a web page, then download a PDF with the grid of your choice. Grids not only include squares and hexes, but musical staves, fretboards, and specialty paper like storyboards or polar graph paper. Thanks to Tim Dugger for the pointer.

(A similar site also looks useful, but less diverse. And I don’t like their hex design as well.) 

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Sun - November 13, 2005

Three Dragon Ante 

This afternoon, Elise and I attended the release party hosted by Rob Heinsoo for his new card game, Three Dragon Ante. Published by Wizards of the Coast, the idea is that it’s the card game your Dungeons & Dragons characters play at the tavern. Each player starts with 50 gold pieces (typically represented with poker chips), and the game ends when someone has none left. It’s a simple card game where each player in turn plays a card until everyone’s played three. Each card has a special ability (printed on the card) as well as a point value and usually a “suit” (actually a type of dragon). Sometimes you’ll play for points to win the pot, but rather than folding, if you can’t win you’ll play a card for its side effect.

We played at different tables, but I think our experiences were similar. Play is pretty quick (though slowed by people having to learn how the cards worked), and the games took something like 3 hours with 4 or 5 players. Elise and I both thought it was a fun game. Yes, Rob is a friend (and formerly worked for us), but you should check this out. He said it was the only game he’s worked on that his wife enjoys playing. 

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