iPod case 

I've now had two iPod cases from XtremeMac , for both 1st and 4th generation models. I wanted something I could wear on my belt, but with a clip so I don't have to take my pants off to remove or attach the iPod (i.e. no stupid belt loop). Their cases have a nice swivel clip, and it's easy to reach down and access the controls (this is why I avoided the 3rd generation model, which has poor control placement).

Unfortunately, the first case wore out. However, XtremeMac replaced it for free! I found their customer service so great that I ordered a case for the 4th generation iPod (it technically fits in the old case, but because it's slimmer, it fits poorly). This has a slightly different design, but seems like another winner. The only problem is that it's difficult to plug in the docking cable while the iPod is in the case. However, I'm not sure this is something one should do anyway, since the device warms up a bit while charging, and the case insulates it. 

Posted: Fri - October 1, 2004 at 08:47 PM