Smallest USB cable for iPod 

While at Macworld Expo, I scoured the isles to find a really short cable I could use to connect my iPod nano to my Macintosh. It comes with a USB cable, but that needs to be coiled and packed if I travel. I missed the convenience of the iPod shuffle, which just plugs in.

Despite all the companies selling iPod gear, I found only one “cable” that was really small: the Link360 from Macally. (Other people had retractable USB cables, but they were larger.) Not technically a cable, but the two connectors have a swivel attachment which should allow plugging in to a variety of computers. I got a good discount at the show, and have been happy with it so far. It even comes with a USB extension cable, which isn’t really necessary with my setup (but will come in handy for other uses).

There’s also a version for FireWire, if you have an older iPod. 

Posted: Sun - January 15, 2006 at 02:48 PM