Washington State's caucus to select a Democratic candidate for president were held today. Elise and I attended.

Some people think that a primary would be more democratic, but after having attended two caucuses (cauci?), I think this system is actually more true to the democratic spirit. The way it works is that a bunch of your neighbors who consider themselves Democrats (you don't actually have to be registered with that political party) show up and discuss the candidates before picking delegates. The first caucus we went to was held in someone's living room, and it was easier to hold the discussions than the large auditorium used this year (where other precincts were also meeting and it was thus quite noisy). But there were discussions. Uncommitted attendees were swayed. I learned enough to have a second choice should my first choice drop out.

Our precinct got to pick 4 delegates to the next level caucus, and after several rounds of voting, it was 2 for Dean, 1 for Kucinich, and 1 for Kerry. I decided it would be fun to be an alternate delegate for Dean, and won a mini-election. (I had been an actual delegate for my candidate, Paul Tsongas, back in my first caucus.)

One of the more interesting arguments for Dean was that senators hardly ever win, governors win. Presumably this is because governors have actual executive experience? 

Posted: Sat - February 7, 2004 at 02:28 PM