Pumpkin Cannon 

On Sunday we went to a farm outside Everett, which featured a pumpkin cannon. This was driven by compressed air (about 40 psi), and could shoot a small pumpkin over 100 metres. My shot landed behind a tree so I couldn't see quite how far it went.

The farm also had a corn maze, where they planted a field but left paths unplanted. It was impossible to make out the design from the ground, since corn grows well over human height. They give a map, and later we saw an aerial photo which did indeed match the map. The map guides you to a dozen or so stations, with trivia questions. The right answers let you spell out a word. Kind of silly, but it's a good excuse to wander more of the maze to find each station. Our 6-year-old granddaughter insisted on leading, since she'd "been there before." (She may have gone to a corn maze with her day care, but they're different each year.) 

Posted: Tue - October 28, 2003 at 10:04 PM