Farenheit 9/11 

Elise and I just saw Michael Moore’s latest documentary, which is essentially an indictment of George W Bush’s presidency. The witnesses are in large part the companies which have profited from his involvement.

Go see the movie now. It’s possible you won’t get much opportunity to. The Carlyle Group, one of the companies which gets prominent mention in the film, just bought Leows Cineplex — which happens to be one of the chains showing the movie locally.

As for the film: Moore took a few cheap shots, but not many. He doesn’t make any real attempt to be unbiased, but most of the facts speak for themselves — and they don’t paint Bush or the war on Iraq terror in a very good light. I was never a Bush fan (I think he’s wasted innumerable opportunities to be a good president), and I didn’t really expect the movie to make me madder. I was wrong. 

Posted: Sat - June 26, 2004 at 07:20 PM