Free Music on the Web 

Sadly, Epitonic no longer seems to be updated. It used to be my favorite source of free and legal MP3 music, as it was well-organized and had useful reviews. I’ve gotten a ton of music through here (463 songs to be precise). Probably my best finds are Handsome Family and Jon Vanderslice. So far as I know, their archives are still there, so check it out!

betterPropaganda seems to be the successor, though somehow I just haven’t gotten into it as much. has a fair number of free downloads, though it can be difficult finding things, and the quality of individual MP3s can vary widely (some have been unplayable, and others are inexplicably truncated — including a find, “Rudy” by Blood or Whiskey).

A site I visit regularly is Fingertips, which picks 3 tracks every week. The reviewer’s tastes are close enough to mine, and while I haven’t kept track of which songs came from here, I know Delaney was a find.

And of course, the iTunes Music Store has a track or two for free each week. I can’t say it’s made me track down an artist, but it is a good way to be exposed to new music. 

Posted: Sat - November 12, 2005 at 01:50 PM