Cider Pressing 

Went with Elise to a cider pressing party this afternoon, hosted by one of her professors. I was expecting a much bigger machine in a barn, but it was a pretty small unit, around the size of a trash can, in his back yard. You put apples in the top and by turning a wheel, tear them into chunks. When you have a bucket full of chunks, you press the juice out, turning a big screw. He used a plastic mesh bag, but I'm sure burlap would do. He had a bunch of different trees, so we mixed the apples for a more interesting cider. It was good!

It took several hours to produce maybe 10 gallons of cider. As someone commented on the way home, that was a lot of work to make something that you might be able to buy for $50. We all knew that wasn't really the point, of course. I'm looking forward to drinking ours! 

Posted: Sat - October 11, 2003 at 07:44 PM