ACT! for Newton FAQ

Pensée Corporation

What is the latest version?

The 1.05b upgrade (which takes better advantage of the 2.1 operating system) is available at Software Unboxed.

Is ACT! for Newton written for Newton 2.0?

ACT! for Newton was written for the 1.x operating system and completed before the introduction of 2.0. It will run on either operating system.

Why is there both a 1.x and 2.x version in the box?

Symantec wanted to assure compatibility with the 2.0 operation system and take advantage of some of the speed improvements in the new OS. In the short amount of time between the introduction of the 2.0 OS and ACT! for Newton, we created a separate application for the new operating system. Both the 1.x and 2.x versions of ACT! for Newton have the same user interface except that the 2.x version is faster and can sort on both first and last names in the list mode.

Does ACT! for Newton replace my Newton Names?

ACT! for Newton shares the same data soup (file) as the Newton Names application. Therefore, any name entered into ACT! for Newton will also show up in the Names application and vice versa. Of course, only the standard 15 fields will show up in the Newton Names application while all 54 fields will be available in ACT! for Newton.

How do I get the correct version of ACT! for Windows or ACT! for Macintosh to allow me to link to the Newton?

In the ACT! for Newton box, you'll find the software for your Newton as well as updater disks for both Mac and Windows. Unless you have very early versions of ACT! for the desktop, you will not need anything else.

Can I link using LocalTalk from my Macintosh?

Yes, we support linking using either serial or LocalTalk.

When I perform a link, the e-mail fields on both the Newton and the desktop version of ACT! do not appear to synchronize. Am I doing something wrong?

The link between the Newton and the desktop versions of ACT! does not exchange e-mail information for many reasons. The e-mail field of the Newton is primarily used for "Newton Mail" (eWorld) or Internet addresses. The e-mail field in ACT! for Windows stores all e-mail addresses for cc:mail, Microsoft mail, or CompuServe. The e-mail field in ACT! for Macintosh stores addresses in a PowerTalk format. As you can tell, there is no single format that would work on all platforms, therefore, to assure data integrity, we have not linked the e-mail fields.

How do I view the User Fields beyond User 6?

All User fields can be viewed from the Contact Editor of ACT! for Newton. Only the User fields 1-6 can be viewed from the "Address Book" view in the Contact Card view.

Can I bring in letters and templates from my desktop version of ACT!

No. The Link between ACT! for Newton and ACT! for the desktop only sends contact information, notes, histories, and activities.

Can I perform a link from a remote location using the modem?

ACT! for Newton can only link with a cable hooked directly to your computer.

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