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logo Product: WebCollage
Platform: Mac OS
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WebCollage automatically builds dynamic, changeable graphics. With WebCollage, graphics for Internet Web pages or corporate intranets come alive with real-data in real-time gathered from databases, corporate IS systems, applications, or from the World Wide Web.

JigProduct: Jig! Strategy Game
Platform: Newton
Created by David Dunham

In Jig! Strategy Game, you and your Newton (or another player) take turns placing tiles, which must fit as if in a jigsaw puzzle. When you match symbols, you capture the other player's tiles. The winner has the most captured tiles when the board is full. It's the perfect game for when you have to wait 5-10 minutes or on a plane. Caution though, it can be very addicting.

Jig! Strategy Game is published by Dubl-Click Software, and includes French and German versions.

Comments: Jig! was the first Newton game we did. Back in 1991 we were asked to come up with a game for Newton something like Tetris. It was originally sold by Apple's StarCore division. Now we're having it published on-line through Dubl-Click Software, one of our development partners.

Jig! is available at Software Unboxed.

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