Pensée Products and Technologies

ACT! for Newton Product: ACT! for Newton
Client: Symantec Corporation
Platform: Newton
Comments: The long-awaited mobile companion to the Windows and Mac OS versions, ACT! for Newton can synchronize directly with them. You don't need a desktop version of ACT! to take advantage of its easy integration between contacts, schedule, and tasks.

AppleFacts for Newton Product: AppleFacts Newton Version
Client: Apple Computer
Platform: Newton
Comments: This project started out with Apple UK. They were looking for ways to use the Newton to make the sales force more productive. It has continued as an on-going project with worldwide distribution.

BookMaker Product: Book Maker
Client: Apple Computer
Platform: Mac OS
Comments: We developed Book Maker the same time we were developing the Book Reader in the Newton ROM. We were also using it to develop Newton Books. Being both developer and customer helped us deliver a solid product.

Fodor Product: Fodor's Travel Manager
Client: GeoSystems/Apple Computer
Platform: Newton
Comments: GeoSystems and Apple called us in to get this product out with a quick time-to-market. We developed an architecture and supported their developers.

Fortune Product: Fortune Guide to American Business
Client: Apple Computer/Fortune Magazine
Platform: Newton
Comments: This was our first large Newton Book project. In fact we were developing Book Maker at the same time! This was also the first project where we learned how to use database publishing techniques with books.

Maltin Product: Maltin's Film Guide
Client: Apple Computer
Platform: Newton
Comments: A great, fun product. Alas, Apple decided not to release it and instead focus on "business products."

Newton 1.0 Product: Newton 1.0
Client: Apple Computer
Platform: Newton (Hardware)
Comments: Our involvement with the Newton started in 1991. We developed the Newton's Book Reader technology and on-line help, as well as various parts of the operating system.

Newton 2.0 Product: Newton 2.0
Client: Apple Computer
Platform: Newton (Hardware)
Comments: For 2.0 we developed the new Outline and Checklist note types, the new To Do List and enhanced the Book Reader with new developer features.

Press Product: Newton Press for Macintosh
Client: Apple Computer
Platform: Mac OS
Comments: This was a challenging project that required solving a number of really tough problems. A real enabling product though for the Newton user.

Apple has a Newton Press page. Version 1.1 is now available.

PenBook Product: PenBook
Client: Slate Corporation/Symmetry Software
Platform: PenPoint
Comments: We learned a lot about digital book technology and pen-based computers doing this product. This early expertise was one of the reasons Apple came to us in 1991 to work on the Newton.

Zagat Product: Zagat Survey Restaurant/Hotel Guide
Client: Apple Computer
Platform: Newton
Comments: A fun product to work on (although we kept getting hungry). A challenge too -- making the transition from paper to pixels.

We've also written software before forming Pensée:
David Dunham
DiskInfo (Mac OS)
Acta [also published as Dyno Notepad] (Mac OS, Windows)
miniWRITER (Mac OS)
Findswell (Mac OS)
Scott Shwarts
QuickDisk (Mac OS)
PictureBase (Mac OS)
HyperDA (Mac OS)
HyperEngine (Mac OS)

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