Nallindia Trailblazer

Nallindia Trailblazer, daughter of Vornathendra the Priestess-Queen, is an agile Vingan explorer of the Odranging clan. Money-Holldor divorced her after the Erinflarth swept away their daughter, and she wandered the woods, learning from the aldryami, where she befriended Oakneedle the Woodlord, found Calla, a flower spirit, and learned the Magic Revealing feat. She's quick to anger -- or laughter -- but slow to forgive. She learned Heort's swiftness magic at Grizzley Peak, and has a boat, "Snapper." She wears the Edgeless Ring, originally owned by her hero, Dronyesta. She wants to discover lost ruins, and sings to the river to recover her daughter.

Dronyesta Foxhair was Redalda's most beautiful granddaughter, who used the Woven Bow against the Brass Goat. She could calm any animal, and her herds always had twins. She led the defense of Green Vale, and walked between to recover the Crystalline Wheel. She was always well dressed and well spoken.

Here's a translation of the above description into Hero Wars terms. I'm not going into great detail, in part since we used playtest rules that don't correspond exactly to the final version. All of these (except for the flaws and goals) have a numeric rating.

patron: Vornathendra the Priestess-Queen
Vinga magic package (various abilities)
Explorer keyword (various abilities)
community (Odranging)
flaw: divorced from Money-Holldor
flaw: daughter Esgillia drowned(?)
woods lore
aldryami customs
speak Aldryami
ally: Oakneedle the Woodlord
follower: Calla (flowers)
Magic Revealing feat
knowledge of Heort
swiftness (dodge, run fast)
Edgeless Ring
hero: Dronyesta Foxhair
goal: discover lost ruins
goal: recover daughter

Nallindia's brother is Jangi Two-Step.

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