Braun is an earthlike planet, with about 2/3 its surface covered with water. The land mass is relatively flat, with only a few significant mountain ranges. It's cooler than normal, with an average temperature of 17 degrees C.

Vegetation on Braun consists of brush and grasses. There are no native trees on Braun, though there are bamboos. Trees were introduced to inhabited areas and a few commercial forests, but most wood products are made of bamboo or imported.

Braun's technology was concentrated on microelectronics.

The population is about 80 million.

The capital city is Tancha. Kanun is the main commercial centre.

Braun's world government is a republic. Voters elect representatives to Parliament, and a President, who runs the executive branch of government. The government is relatively small, and doesn't interfere much with private or commercial life. The law protects both individuals and corporations.

Natives are invariably called "Braunies," a designation they dislike.

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