David Dunham

My software company is A Sharp. My game King of Dragon Pass won the Best Visual Art award at the 2nd Independent Games Festival. More recently I created DiceBook, Opal, Jigami, and Addressix. I updated King of Dragon Pass for iOS (and Android, Windows, and Mac), and continued to improve it. I created its spiritual successor, Six Ages, and am currently working its sequel, Six Ages 2.

I was Development Manager at Shenandoah Studio, creators of Battle of the Bulge, Drive on Moscow, and Desert Fox for iPad and iPhone.

Previously I worked at Tableau Software, where I worked on their iPad app, and Rogue Amoeba, where I did an update to Pulsar.

I brought GameHouse Studio’s games to Mac OS X, and worked on more as Development Manager; I also helped port our game engine to iPhone OS.

As part of Electric Fish, Inc I helped create PhotoPress and worked on Print Explosion 2.0.

I wrote Mac OS and Newton software for Maitreya Design, Pensée Corporation, and Working Software, most notably the outline processor Acta. I invented the “smart quotes” algorithm, which is now widespread, but first appeared in miniWRITER in 1986. My Jig! Strategy Game was published for Newton, and was available for iPhone and iPod touch as Jigami.

I enjoy roleplaying games. I play (or gamemaster) HeroQuest, Diaspora, Spirit of the Century, Pendragon, RuneQuest, Star Wars, Night’s Black Agents, and others. I’ve written columns and reviews for various game magazines, and co-authored “The Lost Inheritance,” an adventure published in GURPS Fantasy Adventures. I also contributed to Hero Wars and HeroQuest, most recently to Men of the Sea and HeroQuest Core Rules. I was once a music DJ for WRUC (at Union College) and KCSB. My show Radio Free Lunch was quite eclectic, combining rock, African music, reggae, the occasional jazz tune, and more. In Seattle, I usually listen to KCMU KEXP. In Philadelphia, WXPN.

I helped form the Santa Barbara Macintosh Users Group. I also find language interesting (though I’ve only managed to take one linguistics class).

I have three cute grandchildren.

I have a sporadic weblog (and an older weblog).
You can find me on Facebook. I’m @radiofreelunch on Twitter and @radiofreelunch@mastodon.gamedev.place on Mastodon.
Here are some places on the Web I found interesting (in 2010 or earlier):

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