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GloranthaTM is the magic-rich fantasy world created by Greg Stafford. He’s explored it with board games like White Bear and Red Moon, role-playing games like RuneQuest, HeroQuest®, and Hero Wars®, and in books like King of Sartar.

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What’s New
(since 3 Mar 07):
Genertela I use Glorantha as a setting for several roleplaying campaigns. I completed a multi-generation game in Imperial Age Anadikki. (This was a playtest for 2nd edition HeroQuest, which I was “project manager” for.) Before that I ran a game using the HeroQuest rules, primarily set in Umathela. I ran a game set in Imperial Age Jrustela using a playtest version of Hero Wars, and a game set in East Ralios using my PenDragon Pass rules. I ran a campaign where most of the characters were Grazers (using playtest RuneQuest rules and later with Hero Wars rules) and a campaign in Umathela. And Pam Carlson and I ran a game set in Saird, just after the Dragonkill. I’ve also played in Jeff Richard’s Taming of Dragon Pass, Dawn Age, and Hero Wars games.

I edited the Glorantha fanzine Enclosure.

My Glorantha computer game King of Dragon Pass won three Best of Glorantha awards, and was inducted into the Hall of Elders. It’s now on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac — follow @KingDragonPass for updates. I created Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind, another Gloranthan game, and am working on the next Six Ages game (follow @SixAges for more).

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