Post Dragonkill

Pam Carlson and I run a game set at the time of the Dragonkill War using my PenDragon Pass rules.

I'll be adding more when I get time to convert it for the Web. Until then, just remember that the Dragonkill is named for what the dragons did, not what happened to them.

Here's a really sketchy summary:

Watch armies being eaten, squashed, burned, blasted, and thought out of existence. Much trauma. Orlanthi killed one dragon by calling on Alakoring Dragonbreaker, and the Dara Happan Emperor and his cronies got of a woppin' big sunspear just before they were all eaten. After that it was pretty futile.

Wake up after being traumatized by being hurled through air, squashed into bloody mud, etc. in a kraal. Most humans were stunned, like exhuasted cattle. People were experimented on by dragonewts.

Headed north, scavenging bits of armor and weapons. Fought a troll. Saved a woman from a stead after lifting the roof beam off her permanently crushed legs and comforting her five year old daughter. And removing her brother's body which had been stuffed down the well, and burning the other 20 villagers found dead -- huddled in a root cellar.

After days of wandering scorched, broken earth, made soggy with blood, full of stinking corpses because the scavengers haven't even made it in yet -- came across a lovely, green, living valley...

Actually fought and defeated some dragonewts, but continued to flee them across the river.

Found a stead inhabited by an insane family.

Made it to the Dwarf Mine, but found it completely sealed, with signs that many refugees had gone inside. As they waited for the door to open, they were attacked by bandits. Ettico finally got a horse.

Boltho the Stout was almost seriously gored by a bull. Ettico scared off a broo. Ran across a widow and her children, including a lovely daughter who the men almost started fighting over.

Communication is difficult, though several have some common languages (and are starting to get better with the foreign languages).

1120 ST: Khorvash the Alkothi Engineer (Bridge Builder and Destroyer Extraordinaire) is valiantly struggling to rebuild the world with his fellow survivors: an Orlanthi thane, a dogboy from Votankiland, a woman from exotic Esrolia, a cruel but loveable Pentan, and an Imtherian desperately struggling to remain cheerful. The fact that everyone speaks a different language is little hinderance; friendships are forming fast, and everyone agrees that the thane should be referred to as "Talks With Trouble," for his endearing habit of trying to impress even the most vile monsters and bandits with tales of his ancestors and ravings about Oralantum. Khorvash doesn't understand a word of it, but he enjoys seeing how close the monsters get.
Our adventurers had struggled out of Dragon Pass after somehow escaping being eaten by dragons. For a while, they stayed at Lotarion's stead. He was a Helmal worshipper from Saird, who wanted to become king. Rather than throw themselves in with this small-scale warlord, they left, continuing north to a small town more or less run by Saserna, a woman who rupudiates war, and hopes to reintegrate Saird along the old lines. Saserna held a ritual, binding everyone symbolically to "the pack."
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