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Each clan in East Ralios has an ability gained by an ancestral hero. Each year during Sacred Time the clan thane (with aid from clan members) reenacts the original heroquest that gained the ability. If he is successful, all adult clan members who were present can use the clan ability in the coming year. The thane can use it more often. Occasionally, the heroquest is unsuccessful, and the clan won’t be able to use their ability that year. The ability is always tied to a geas. A few clans have more than one heroic ability, and choose which heroquest to perform each year. People associated with more than one clan (wives and fosterlings) also choose which clan’s heroquest they want to participate in.

I suspect that these powers (and their often onerous geases) are pretty much restricted to East Ralios. However, in Lankst, King Kocholang’s clan has the ability to breathe fire, which is probably a vestige of the old ways still practiced in East Ralios. [Glorantha: Genertela Book]

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