Karbaring Clan


The Karbaring clan has lived in Keanos for many generations.

The clan ability is Battle Shout. This intimidates opponents -- all must make a Valorous roll or be at -2 skill. This is not cumulative, but if two Karbarings shout, opponents must make two rolls. It carries the geas, never refuse a challenge in Damali lands. It was originally obtained by Narstav Antler-Helm.

Saunak the Silent Killer is a famous ancestor, who only broke his oath to give a Battle Shout when the Karbaring were outnumbered. Although he died in the battle, the Karbaring routed their enemy.

The Clan Ring

Kerval Very Tall (King Wind)

Darkar of the Whistling Blade (North Wind) gained her reputation fighting Humathi duels.

Briun the Winner (Mountain Wind)

Diuran the Rough (Beast Wind) is a fairly conventional Storm Bull, favoring direct action and impatient with negotiation. He's been called one of the worst-dressed men in the clan.

Nath Brawl is considered likely to succeed to this position

Daithe of the Lovely Hair (Earth Wind)

Fintan Bone Eye (Sylph Wind) is a Breath Shaman, and very old. He has several unique spells, such as Prevent Flight, See Through Wood, and Tornado.

Korast Thunderhead (Storm Wind)

Other Notable Members of the Clan

Astoring Long-words is the Lawspeaker.

Local Spirits

Bark Lady has a sacred grove, and a holy day in Earth Season.

Greenfeather is a Trickster, and can be reached at a stream.

Kalli the Bear is worshipped in Storm Season at his Standing stone.

Midnight Puma is worshipped in Dark Season at a standing stone.

Sister Silver Squirrel has a sacred grove. Her holy day is in Sea Season.

Stick Boy has a sacred grove, and a holy day in Fire Season.

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