Belovaking Clan


The Belovaking clan has been part of the Riagos tribe for many generations.

Ingkel Hundred-Fighter was thane for 30 years, and was well-loved by all his clan.

Intamorl the Noble was thane for 13 years.

Ekel Field-Destroyer was elected thane in large part because his brother Ingolf's neck wound made him ineligible. Egan Big-Blade was his main competition, and everyone was surprised when Ekel made Egan one of his hearthguard.

The clan has several feuds outstanding with the Kortling clan, and a special dislike for Naskorion. The clan lands were once part of Naskorion, and the Naskori have not forgotten this.

The clan ability is Fireblood, which carries the geas never extinguish a fire.

The Clan Ring

Ekel Field-Destroyer (Orlanth the Chief) Ekel is Thane of the Belovaking, and led his clan on many raids on Naskori lands which earned him his name. Ekel thinks well of everyone, but never forgives those who wrong him. He is in his 50s, short, broad, and powerful, though few would call him handsome. He has two wives, Ornai and Lina. Ekel is most proud of his horses, which he rides in defiance of the Galanini.

Methe the Traveller (Issaries the Guide) Methe has travelled as far as Bastis, and she is one of the few people who can understand the brogue of travellers from Lankst. Some say that she left her devoutness behind in some foreign land.

Ainmir Sloweye (Lankoring the Seer) Although he is nearsighted, his magical vision is quite keen. He has quite a fondness for sweets, but shares them with children who come to visit. He has always been a fair and impartial lawspeaker, though he is quick to ridicule groundless lawsuits.

Luan Silk (Chalana the Healer) Luan is quite old, a daughter of Ingkel Hundred-Fighter. She was midwife to most members of the Ring. She often seems to sleep through council meetings.

Artri Madcap (Eurmal the Thief). Artri claims not to be a Eurmali, but nobody believes him. He always manages to have some excuse to avoid work, but his stories are so entertaining that Ekel has given him his protection. Artri once saved the clan from a Naskori raid when the clan warriors were out raiding. He has an uncanny knack for visiting someone when they open the first beer keg of the season.

Derborgail of the Seven Harvests (Ginnajar) Derborgail is Priest of Ralia, and has raised seven healthy children, four girls and three boys. She is plump, shapely and attractive, with a calm and even temper.

Halvar Stormeye (Flesh Man) Halvar is the clan's Storm Voice. Some people say Halvar is on the Ring because he is no leader, and can be counted on to back Ekel. Although he is not very decisive, when he does do anything, it's with great enthusiasm.

Other Notable Members of the Clan

Alabron is Ekel's oldest son, and very ambitious.

Arkad Stallion is a Light Thane of Elmal, and one of Ekel's hearthguard. He is famous for throwing javelins through two enemies. He fancies himself something of a goldsmith.

Aruzun the Word-Master, Ekel's brother, is of Carl rank, and not overly wealthy. Still, he's well-liked, and many see him as a likely candidate to succeed his brother. A few are scandalized that he makes poems for his whole household, instead of supporting a poet. His friends and followers enjoy it, however. He's an indifferent herder but a good warrior, fighting with sword and shield. He prefers wearing magic to armor. He's an Orlanth worshipper (he could probably qualify as a rune lord or acolyte, but has never tried to).

Dailgus Snathesson is a hunter. He once travelled to Karia, but refuses to talk about it.

Dandern, one of Ekel's hearthguard, is deadly with all missile weapons. He always has a cheerful disposition.

Darbre Red-Side is Ekel's champion, who fights for him in judicial duels. He is also a hearthguard, and has the most impressive moustaches in the clan.

Dathen the Poet says he once saved his head by making a poem for the King of the Atnakol. Many people think Dathen should have Methe's place on the Clan Ring.

Egan Big-Blade is one of Ekel's hearthguard, and was Ekel's main opponent for thane. Despite this, he has proved surprisingly loyal.

Harstov the Saddle Maker is quick to find fault with others, and fiercely denies any of his own. He's one of the few men in the tribe who can make a comfortable yet secure four-pommel saddle. He's one of Ekel's brothers.

Ingolf Wryneck, is Ekel's brother and one of his hearthguard. He has an iron-bladed craisech. He's famous for swearing oaths but never fulfilling them (though he never breaks them either). His nickname comes from a bad wound.

Kethel is a member of Ekel's hearthguard.

Lina, Ekel's wife, has the Gift of Healing.

Methkar is the priest of Bo-Ralia; she serves on the Tribal Ring.

Niul, a Bemurok initiate and in Ekel's hearthguard, is noted for being stubborn and gullible.

Orlak Silver Horn is probably the richest man in the clan (after Ekel).

Ornai, Ekel's first wife, has the Gift of Beauty.

Rastarn is one of Ekel's hearthguard.

Tanek Apple-Cheeks prides himself in being able to fight with any weapon. He hates his nickname. He's one of Ekel's hearthguard.

Uathne is one of Ekel's hearthguard. She returned to the clan after her husband died, and serves as the Vinga acolyte. She has a sharp tongue, and is prone to exaggeration. She's almost ready to retire from her status as hearthguard.

The Tula

Most of the clansmen are herders, raising cattle and sheep. They raise wheat and hops, but not with much enthusiasm. Craftsmen who live at the hillfort include a brewer, a carpenter, a leatherworker, a canoe builder, and two herbalists. The thane keeps ten warriors and a lawspeaker.

There are temples to Orlanth and Ralia, and a shrine to Elmal Horse-Thane.

Neighbors to the north are the Loricati clan, who claim descent from Otter hsunchen. The Belovaking have always had good relations with them. Less good are those with the Kortlings to the south.

The Murend Stream runs through Belovaking lands to the Doskior. It's usually easy to ford anywhere, but there are three places you can get across almost without getting your feet wet. Except of course during Storm and Sea seaons, when the fords are the only way to cross at all.

Moss Woods is a deciduous forest to the east, a portion of which is cut down every year. The forest is allowed to reclaim the clearings, so the extent of the woods remains fairly constant.

Neither the Belovaking nor the Kortling clan lays any claim to the Barren Hills, a bleak region. Occasional shepherds bring their flocks here, but otherwise the only occupants are rodents, the occasional outlaw, and some Galanini.


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