Cold Wind and Storm Wind (originally published in Tradetalk 14)

Chaos stalked the world, here in the form of dragonsnails.

The Nine Lightbringers went underneath the ocean to rescue the sun. When they finally found him, he was dead. Here, Rabilis rekindles the sun

This pot illustrates Rondella’s famous Bean Warriors.

My Homeland: Malki Coast appears in Men of the Sea. See also the entry in the Issaries, Inc. Reference Library. The Umathelan Coalition is mentioned in Kings of Seshnela, part 3. Umathela is described in Missing Lands, and to a lesser degree in Revealed Mythologies. It’s also in The Middle Sea Empire (or the earlier edition Our Great Empire). The western portion of Umathela may correspond to the Vadeli kingdom of Chir (which was destroyed in the Great Explosion).

Mongoose Publishing’s Second Age material has more. Glorantha: The Second Age describes it as a “Kingdom of Learning” and has it ruled by a Consul. Our Great Empire has a little more on this era.


My game is set in Vralos, and thus concerns three human cultures (plus the aldryami):


Trotsky has written up the Fauna of Pamaltela, some of which can be found in Umathela.

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