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I ran a game set in the Grazelands (in the Dragon Pass region of Glorantha) using a playtest edition of the RuneQuest rules. I later ran a game using Hero Wars.

My scenario “The Other Side of the Dragon” (in which Sartarites have to work with Grazers) was in Gathering Thunder.

I wrote several articles on the Grazers for Enclosure 1 and 2. And my map is on the HeroQuest web site.

I also co-wrote the Grazer section of Hero Wars, which differs somewhat from the earlier material presented here.

Thank you to Tomoyuki Hiroki for the translations.

Danny Bourne, Martin Hawley, Richard Faragher and Duncan Rowlands have another version of the Grazers [this link may be dead]. They also contributed to Enclosure 2.

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