Grazer Politics

In general, alliances between Grazers and their neighbors tend to be short-lived.

Holy Country

The Grazers have an ancient treaty (negotiated by the first Feathered Horse Queen) with the Pharaoh to provide the Esrolians with a limited number of cheap horse mercenaries.

Although the Feathered Horse Queen agreed to send mercenaries, when warriors raid Esrolia, they can claim it was OK by the King. Everyone (except perhaps the Pharaoh) is happy with this arrangement. Recent raids were in 1603, 1604, 1609, 1619, and 1620.

Esrolia also raids the Grazelands -- 1606, 1607, and 1608 all saw raids.

Lunar Empire

The Lunars raided in 1614. In 1615, a squabble between the Grazers and Lunars broke into outright war. The former, aided by Ironhoof's people, managed to evade and frustrate a massive invasion force.


Although Sartar married the Feathered Horse Queen in 1494, the alliance didn't last long. Although some kings, like Jardanreal the Traveller, were friendly, others, such as Yanasdarin the Lucky and Penraltan the Gold, pursued a policy of raiding Sartar.


The Grazers were initially friendly with Arim and his successors, but Yarandros Charge-Crazy betrayed Jardankorda the Brave and stole a sacred stallion. A later king of Tarsh once offered tribal membership to all the vendref who joined him. However, many Grazer kings allied with Tarsh.

The Grazers raided in 1614 and 1615.


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