The Celestial Trail

It is the Year of the Lion, 1621 years since the Dawn.

The Luminous Stallion King is Jarsandron Tenherds, who has ruled the tribe with an iron bit for 15 years. He was on good terms with Moirades, the king of Tarsh, and now his son Pharandros. He is also friendly with the Lunar Empire (the current name of the River Kingdom), and has led the Grazers into battle at the side of their Emperor.

The Feathered Horse Queen "Single Matron Woman" died during the fighting in Esrolia last year. She has been replaced by "Bearer of the Head."

A prophecy from around 2000 years ago says that the Pure Horse folk will be able to join the great spirits in a perfect world again when certain things happen:

This is popularly called "The Long Way Home."

A more recent prophecy, learned from the Wingkoaladref, says that after Dragon Pass is ruled by one king, there will be no more horse people. This is consistent with a prophecy attributed to Cragspider the Firewitch: "Hardly shall any inhabitant of the Pass escape."

Other prophecies point to the Hero Wars.

There is much debate about the meaning of the prophecies. But everyone knows that something will be happening soon -- even the vendref seem more ready to forget their place in recent weeks.

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