Feathered Horse Tradition

The Shamans of the Feathered Horse Goddess

Followers: Grazer shamans
Duties: Teaching spells, advising the Feathered Horse Queen and chieftains, caring for the herds
Favored Spells: Befuddle, Endurance, Glamour, Heal, Mobility, Peaceful Cut, Protection, Shimmer, Strength, Vigor
Forbidden Spells: Disruption
Favored Abilities: Beast Affinity, Earth Affinity, Magic Attack, Magic Defense, Possession (Horses), Spirit Travel
Forbidden Abilities: Water Affinity
Taboos: Never deal with elemental spirits other than Earth. May not allow a horse to suffer needlessly.
Miscellaneous: Feathered Horse Shamans exist outside the age group social structure of their tribe, and are always female. Their fetches usually appear to be horses, sometimes with wings or claws. Shamans have 5% in Understand Horse Speech for each point of POW in their fetch.

Teaches song magic.

Solar Tradition

The Shamans of the Horse Nomads

Followers: Grazer and Pentan shamans
Duties: Teaching spells, dealing with spirits, advising the chieftains, supporting war bands
Favored Spells: Bladesharp, Detect Enemies, Detect Gold, Firearrow, Fireblade, Ignite, Light, Mobility, Multimissile, Peaceful Cut, Speedart
Forbidden Spells: Darkwall
Favored Abilities: Fire Affinity, Mind Expansion, Movement Affinity, Second Sight, Self Resurrection, Spirit Trapping, Spirit Travel
Forbidden Abilities: Darkness Afinity, Stasis Affinity
Taboos: Never deal with elemental spirits other than Fire. May not allow a horse to suffer needlessly.
Miscellaneous: Solar Shamans exist outside the age group social structure of their tribe, and can be male or female (though most Grazer women follow the Feathered Horse tradition). Their fetches usually appear to be horses or falcons. Shamans have immunity to fire as if a primary ability; each level protects against 1d6 intensity of fire (see The Natural World).

Shaman Magic

Medicine Bundles

Shamans can make many types of medicine bundles. Most do not require POW to create, but the shaman must spend a season or more (up to several years for the more advanced items) performing special rituals and wandering on the spirit plane to create them.

Birdsight Bundle

This small bag is tossed in the air in a special ritual. It allows the shaman to move his viewpoint around as if the bird whose feathers decorate the bag. Each hour of vision costs 10 magic points.

Bonemender Bundle

Medicine Bag

These small, highly-decorated, horse hide bags are always also enchanted with a Spirit Trap which is filled with a Healing Spirit. The bags preserve curative herbs. Any healing herb placed in such a bag remains potent as long as both it and the spirit remain in the bag.

Sun Stones

Yellow rocks associated with Yu-Kargzant. When exposed to sunlight, they store light which can later be released by expending a magic point. Each hour of sun exposure permits the stone to release 10 minutes of light equal to that of an oil lamp. Any given stone can store light which will last for 3d6*10 minutes.

Spirits of Light

Glare Spirit

Those facing it are at -?%

Torch Spirit (from Lux?)

When corporate is bright flame.

Spirit of Combat (subservient to a Star Captain, son of Polestar)

Raises Craft/Battle skill of possessed to 3d6x10%

Strobe Spirit

Disorients those in the area

Song magic

Must make Singing and Ceremony rolls, and cast 1 MP per hour [each hour requires a CON roll as well])

Birthing Song

Used to help both women and mares

Water Song

Used to help find water. +50% to Lore skill for the purpose of locating a source of water.

Running Song

Lets a horse run without tiring

Note: some of the terminology above is from an unpublished draft of RuneQuest.

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