Twelve Worlds Character Creation: Advantages and Disadvantages

You can customize your character by adding advantages and disadvantages, using your allotment of skills dice.

You may not spend more than 1D (3 pips) on advantages, or gain more than 1D (3 pips) from disadvantages.


Advantages are special abilities available to some characters, usually due to native aptitude (for example, ambidexterity) or modification via implant (for example, boosted reflexes). The advantages below are available to natives of Braun. Characters from other planets may not have access to all of them (and may have access to modifications requiring reshaping).

Implants require surgery, extensive training and biofeedback to use. They're not easily added during play.

Ambidextrous (1) Equally at ease using right or left hand.

Audio Link (2) Implanted comm link. Includes a mastoid mike which allows muttered speech to be transmitted.

Boosted Reflexes (3) Allows either one Haste declaration or an extra action without the normal 1D penalty.

Computer Link (3) Implanted comm link to a computer. Requires concentration to use (a Perception roll, normally Very Easy or Easy).

Connections (1-3) Influence and personal connections can be very important. Each point of connections gives you 2D to roll against the difficulty of finding a particular person.
When you decide you need a contact tell the GM ("Don't I know someone who used to work for Prime?"). The difficulty depends on the contact, and how familiar you are with the local area. Trying to contact someone you've contacted before is easier.
Unlike streetwise (the ability to make new connections), this advantage represents unspecified connections that already exist. And it takes little time to look up an existing contact.

Detox (1) Supplements the liver, and removes unwanted toxins from the bloodstream. Better models can be set to temporarily pass alcohol or other popular drugs, and start eliminating them when you want to sober up.

Good Reputation (1-3) People will have a favorable opinion of the character, even without having met him. You should think of a reason he's so famous.

Muscles (1-2) Gives 2 or 3 extra points of damage when rolling hand-to-hand combat.

Night Vision (3) Eye implants which allow normal vision in low light situations.

Readout Link (3) Eye implants which can send or receive images. Often used by reporters, in conjunction with a pocket recorder or hand-held comm unit.

Weapons Link (2) Allows firing of a linked weapon by thought. This gives +1? to dexterity for determining actions, and +1? to the chance of using the relevant weapons skill.
Highly illegal almost everywhere; only available on Boudicea, Braun (where they must be registered).
Linked weapons cost 20 extra.


Disadvantages are personality or physical flaws which make a character more interesting. They're also a handicap, and if you choose for your character to have disadvantages, your character can take extra points of skill in compensation. Example: Jade has never learned to read (she's good at faking it). This gives her +1, which her player used to increase her con skill.


Bad Reputation (1-3) Depending on how bad the reputation, people won't want to have anything to do with the character, and won't trust him. You should think of a reason he's so infamous.

Ego Signature (1) You leave behind a characteristic signature (a playing card, an origami animal, a trojan horse program) at the scene of your activities.

Enemies (1-3)

Illiterate (1) With the prevalence of television and computer speech generation and recognition, this is not as much of a handicap as it was in earlier times.

Implant-Resistant (1) Someone with this disadvantage cannot have implants of any kind. There may also be complications with certain surgical procedures.

Phobia (1) A fear of a specific thing starts at 3D. This may be reduced through therapy.

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