The Twelve Worlds

General Description

The Twelve Worlds is the name given to an isolated region of space, formerly part of the Rosetta Sector of the Confederation of Worlds. Each system is different, but all were underdeveloped colonies when they were cut off from the Confederation about 200 years ago. This mysterious event is known as the Sundering.

Physical Description

The Twelve Worlds are populated by humans of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Most worlds practice some genetic manipulation (correcting hereditary diseases), and some practice reshaping to add desired characteristics. People are also sometimes enhanced with implants such as computer links.


The Twelve Worlds consists of the planets Boudicea, Braun, Cadac, Dore, Fortune, Kartoffel, Nesp, Pizarra, St Catherine, Tenshi, Tully, and Zaru, and the station Union (located at a jump point with no planets).

Although the Twelve Worlds have been cut off from the rest of humanity, they do have some contact with four other species: the Craa, the Iinni, the Vnu, and the Wirn. Apparently, all of them are at least several jumps away from the 12 Worlds, and none are proven to have contact with the rest of humanity.


About 200 years ago, ships no longer jumped into the Tully system from Yucaipa, the only route to the rest of human space. Ships that tried to jump to Yucaipa were never heard from again. Nobody knows exactly why. Theories abound, ranging from novas to aliens an act of God to the hyperspace analog of an earthquake.

Most of the robot controlled comm-boats continued along their programmed routes and jumped out of the Twelve Worlds. Others were captured and reprogrammed. The effect was that communications between the planets were cut to a trickle.

The Twelve Worlds lost access to cutting edge technology, produced outside the underdeveloped Rosetta Sector, and spent some effort trying to regain it.

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