Player Characters

Jango Batalli

Player: Matt

Homeworld: Greenland (Most Easily)

Skills: Charm, Resolve, Agility

Stunts: Scathing Wit (roll Charm in place of Brawling)
Tasty Treat (from a random pocket)
MG Charm (can make the completely ridiculous sound plausible)

Low Man on the Totem Pole
It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it
One tough cookie
Jack of all trades, master of none
Don't worry, it's not my blood!
Um, I meant to do that…
I'm right behind you, boss
A fly on the wall
Lady Luck has two sides
Chef to the Stars

Early Life: Raised as the adopted dish washer at a dive bar in the seedy port of Most Easily amongst Greenland's asteroids. (It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. | I think I'm somebody!)

Starting Out: To see the stars, Jango hired on as a cook to a Pirate Cutter Icarus under the watch of Captain Phineas Morgan. (One tough cookie. | Don't worry, it's not my blood!)

Crisis Moment: After a cooking accident that almost destroyed the Icarus, Jango spent three days alone in an excape pod only to be rescued by Kanoka and the Margaritaville. (A happy accident. | Um, I meant to do that...)

Sidetracked: No idea about this step yet...

On Your Own: Jango thinks of himself as quite the budding chef, traveling the galaxy. His luck so far is the only thing that has kept his incompetence from getting him killed. (Lady Luck has two sides. | Chef to the Stars)

Kanoka Eight-Monkey

Player: Rob

Homeworld: Eden

Skills: Agility, µG, Brawling

Stunts: Slipstream ship: Margaritaville
Xl (Composure +1)
Pilot Anything (Skill Swap for Aircraft and Vehicles)

Hey, let’s try this button
Backpackers, weirdos, shady characters—what's not to like?
Cutthroat Epipinochle
Entangled in a Xyzzy plot
Friends on Ragnarok means enemies on Ragnarok
Led metashark safaris
Monkey Boy
Neue Helvetican Black Auditor, Old Gord
Underbelly of the interstellar hospitality industry
Woah, that's weird, let's check it out

Kanoka is owner and driver of the Margaritaville, a low-class cruise ship and casino that wanders the cluster carrying poor backpack tourists, weirdos, and an assortment of shady characters. (Think of the Green Tortoise bus service, in space.) Despite the efforts of its highly competent crew, it always attracts more than its share of trouble, which doesn't seem to bother its nominal captain at all.

Story and Aspects
1. Early life. Kanoka guided tourists and led metashark safaris with a blinding smile and easygoing cheer.

2. Starting out. He repeatedly saved the butt of a Neue Helvetican Black Auditor, Old Gord, who got him pilot training and bequeathed him the slipstream ship Margaritaville but prevented marriage to his one true love.

3. Crisis. Kanoka became entangled in a centuries-spanning Xyzzy plot and barely escaped a triad thanks to Nelson, who had nurtured his penchant for complicated cocktails and cutthroat Epipinochle.

4. Sidetracked. Kanoka helped Rĉdwolf handle Ragnarok clans with offworld gifts and offbeat stories.

5. [Left blank pending decision on series premise ]

(Kills With) Passion

Player: Neil

Homeworld: Woodstock

Skills: Close Combat, C/T, Agility

Stunts: Molecular Knife
Military Grade C/T (can pass for anyone from any system except Xyzzy)
MG Stealth

You gotta have faith
Remember everything told me
Man of many faces
Killer instinct
I am not worthy
Must make this right
Ain’t nothin’ duct tape can’t fix
Like a ghost in the night
Outside the system

Character: Passion (really Kills with Passion, but who cares)
Concept: Reformed religious assassin

Growing up
Brought up in a religous orphanage by a radical sect on the Planet Woodstock. Had a simple education with a great emphasis on the prophet Dy-lon.
1. You gotta have faith
2. My god is bigger than yours (still thinking about this one)

Starting out
After showing natural talents, he was trained indoctrinated) as an assassin who was used to settle religious and political disputes.
3. Man of 1000 faces
4. The killer instinct

Moment of Crisis
Was fatally injured in the successful assassination of a Ragnarok noble of the Stryker family, but saved and healed by Rĉdwulf Stryker. Came to question his belief of why killing was right, and why someone would heal a killer. He escaped the authorities, but has kept in touch with Rĉdwulf Stryker.
5. I am not worthy
6. Must make things right

Side Tracks
Aimless, Passion travelled to many worlds, learning more about them and doing a lot of soulsearching. Rescued Rocky Cho from a spot of trouble, and . Here he gained skills as an engineer.
7. Ain't nothing duct tape can't fix
8. Hmm, let's take it apart. I'm sure I can make it better.

On your Own
(still working out)
9. Outside the System

Nelson Tyrell

Player: David

Homeworld: Xyzzy (Zork)

Skills: Archeology, Computer

Stunts: Military Grade Culture/Tech (allows speaking with Xyzzy)
<wum wum> (pre-Collapse artifact)
implanted communicator

Machines are your friend
I can do it myself
Sympathetic Ear
Do you know how old that is?
Naïve trust
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster
No fighting in here!
Have a cold one and let’s talk this over
They’re the secret masters!
You can’t hide

Nelson Tyrell was a foundling, raised on Zork by AIs after his parents were converted to silicon by the Xyzzy. It was here that he got his comm implant. (Machines are your friend, I can do it myself)

Seeking a past for himself, Nelson stowed away on a ship to Eden. He became deeply fascinated by the ruins. He put himself through an archeology degree as a bartender. He found the <wum wum> in a ruin known only to him. (Sympathetic ear, Do you know how old that is?)

Nelson stumbled into a smuggling ring that was plundering Eden's priceless antiquities. He naïvely tried to expose them. He was captured by the Cho Family, but Rocky Cho befriended him, and convinced his uncle not to space Nelson. (Naïve trust, Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster)

A triad of Xyzzy had chased Kanoka into Nelson's bar, so he intervened. Somehow he convinced them that it was all a case of mistaken identity. (No fighting in here!, Have a cold one and let's talk this over)

After this, Nelson became convinced that the Xyzzy — who somehow retain the best technology — were somehow behind the last Collapse, and wants to look for evidence of this on other worlds. (They're the secret masters!, You can't hide)

Rĉdwulf Stryker

Player: Dana

Homeworld: Ragnarok

Skills: Assets, Medical, Agility

Stunts: Military Grade Medical
Hardflex Skinsuit (pre-Collapse artifact)
Military Grade Assets

Doesn’t know when to quit
Let’s try that again
It’s only a flesh wound
Your mind is your best weapon
Last man standing
Calm under fire
Disarming smile
I’ve got friends
Have I got a deal for you
Right tool for the job

Son of Thorvald Stryker, leader of the largest clan on Ragnarok

Growing up
Expected to someday lead the clan he was given a strong education but was still expected to work his way up through the ranks, he spent several years in the mining operation.

Starting out
As soon as he came of age he was placed in the clan military academy and specialized in Combat Medic

Moment of crises
During his first off planet tour as a mercenary his small group was betrayed and ambushed, all of his party were dead or dying, when Kanoka landed nearby and scared off his attackers.

Not detailed yet

On your Own
Once his mercenary tour was completed he decided to see more of the system before settling down at home.

Rocky Cho

Player: Pam

Homeworld: Greenland (Terra Del Fuego)

Skills: Brokerage, Energy weapons, Intimidation

Stunts: Military Grade Brokerage

Home is where the EVA suit is
There could be profit in this...
He looked at me funny
Lemme make a call
I love a challenge
I can break into that
ALWAYS take care of your boys
I love this guy!
Don’t fuck with me!

Rocky Cho grew up in TDF, in the Greenland system. He learned the family “business” and how to survive in the miners' airless world at the side of his uncle, Boss Filipe “Irongut“ Cho. He went to school and studied Navigation, so he could be useful to the family's efforts to chart (and claim) new parts of the sytem. Rocky then crewed on several of the family's vessels, offering protection to miners and orgainizing trade deals within system and outisde it.

While picking up some cargo at a pile of ruins on Eden, Rocky's boys began roughing up a local twerp who had objections.  Upon hearing that this “Nelson” fellow was a bartender who fancied himself an archaeologist, Rocky stepped in and made the chump an offer. He could keep all his favorite parts if would come along and make himself useful - especially with his Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters.

While on Ragnorok setting up a big deal in the company of Boss Cho, a rival family took them by surprise. A nasty fight ensued. the Chos were badly outnumbered, and Uncle Cho's irongut failed him. Rocky was badly wounded and would have been killed, too, until Passion came out of nowhere and dragged him off. Wary of returning home, Rocky remained with Passion and his doctor friend.

He is now eager to set up his own connections and make a name for himself.

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