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The Seven Cakes of the Goddess

These cakes were created for the opening ceremonies by the Satanic Frosting Sisters (Pam Carlson, Vivienne Wilson, Barbara Kolln), under the direction of Elise Bowditch. Photographs by Andrew Bean.

Descent1. Descent

Verithurusa, Goddess of Innocence. The Spirit descends into Matter.


2. Defeat

Lesilla, Goddess of Life. The materialized Spirit enters into Experience (Life).

Meeting3. Meeting

Gerra, Goddess of Sorrow and Suffering.

Illumination4. Illumination

Rashoran/a, God/dess of Illumination.

Reconstruction5. Reconstruction

Orogeria, Goddess of Hunting.


6. Victory

Natha, Goddess of Balance.

Triumphant Return7. Triumphant Return

Zaytenera, Goddess of Wholeness.

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