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Storm TribeAlakoring Dragonbreaker, by Simon Bray
Alakoring slew many dragons, including the Diamond Storm Dragon and leaders of the EWF. So that the priests could never again lead the people astray, he introduced the laws of Orlanth Rex. His armies liberated much of the EWF. Many of the northern Heortlings call themselves Alakorings, although they are not his descendents. He is remembered with sacrifices on Presentation Day (Gods day, Mobility week, Fire season).
Thunder Rebels
Alakoring was an initiate or devotee of Orvanshagor Dragonslayer. When he came to Dragon Pass to slay the dragons of the EWF, he sacrificed first to Orvanshagor.
Glorantha: Introduction to the Hero Wars
Alakoring was a king of Lankst, who conquered the Telmori and the Ormsland Dragonewts (slaying their last Inhuman King).
King of Sartar
Alakoring drove all the followers of the Empire of the Wyrms Friends out of Ralios, and repelled them a second time when they came with dragonewt allies. He then fought the EWF in Aggar and Holay. He was part of the Three Armies which attacked the EWF. The EWF woke Drang, the Diamond Storm dragon, and sent it against them. When the clouds of battle lifted, Alakoring was still standing.

Alakoring was killed by Tobosta Greenbow, apparently because he was unfamiliar with Aldryami ways.

When the Scarlet Warlord came to Castle Blue, Alakoring slew him, starting the Battle of Castle Blue.

Wyrms Footprints
Alakoring was born in Halikiv (in Ralios), and flew over the Rockwood Mountains to Aggar to fight the EWF. He killed the dragon Drang in combat. He was also famous for founding the Rex subcult of Orlanth.

He was killed in battle by Tobosta Greenbow, an Aldryami who also led armies against the dragons at the end of the Second Age.

Jörg Baumgartner on the founding of Orlanth Rex
In my opinion what Alakoring did was to take the giant tribes (modern examples would be the Tarsh tribe under Yanasdros or the Hendriki tribe) and split them into smaller tribes.

As far as I know, the Second Age Orlanthi were organized in large tribes controlled mainly by their priesthood, which provided the supra-regional communication and coordination. The kings were as often as not tools in the hands of the top priesthood. I don't know how widespread sacrificial kings were, but I do see some similarities to the priesthood's control over the king in the Slaine comic where the hero gets behind the secrets of the druids and manages to control them rather than the other way round. I believe that this is what Alakoring did.

Note that it was the (dragon-friendly) priesthood who had the most powerful magics in the EWF. Alakoring was aiming to depose the people in power with his re-organisation. In my opinion he used the Ralian model of smallish, individualist tribes upon the south Pelorian nation-tribes of the Orlanthi. Inducing civil war, the EWF was cut off resources in their war with the north, and also the Old Day Traditionalists got a chance to side with one of the competing parties.

See also Jörg's History of Heortland.

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