The Alekki are moose Hsunchen. They're one of the smaller Hsunchen "tribes" (there's no actual social group larger than a clan, though the three Alekki clans are friendly towards each other).

The Alekki clans are nomadic, splitting into family groups most of the year. In Dark Season and Storm Season their camps tend to be larger, perhaps even the entire clan. There's no fixed pattern to their wanderings, but they tend to be found in the same moist woods and lakesides as the moose. As a consequence, they fish more than most Hsunchen.

The magic of transformation is Antlers, Moose Hide, and Striding Legs.

Ochre Top

Tramak is the chief, a huge, somewhat clumsy man.

Hruktuk is the leading shaman of the clan. He dresses in women's clothing, and his wife hunts. One of his notable spells lets him shake an oak tree, bringing down a rain of acorns.

Rakesku is Hruktuk's sister; she married Mirja of the Roseberry clan.


White Hare

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