The Bemuri are cattle Hsunchen. They are now extinct as a culture, since they all converted to the Orlanth pantheon in the First Age. (A story from that time explains why).

Like all Ralian Hsunchen, each Bemuri clan has an animal totem associated with it (most, but not all, had the Bull as totem). Clan members can try to call on their totem spirit for aid as per the rules in Beyond the Wall.
Totem Trait Invocation
Alynx Suspicious (Weapon) Attack, Awareness or Hunting
Badger Prudent +1 Move or (Weapon) Attack
Bear Suspicious +1 Strength or +5 Grapple or +1 Healing
Beaver Energetic Industry or Boating
Blackbird Modest +10 Sing or +5 Hunting
Boar Indulgent STR or CON
Bull Lustful STR or CON or Fertility
Chameleon Deceitful Stealth or Orate
Crow Selfish Intrigue or Awareness
Deer Energetic +1 Move or +5 Awareness or Fertility
Elephant Vengeful Memorize or Recognize or STR
Elk Temperate -3 to non-religious trait, +1 Mov, +5 Hunt
Golden Eagle Proud STR or Awareness
Goose Temperate CON or Awareness
Hare Prudent +1 Move or DEX or Awareness
Hawk Temperate (Weapon) Attack or Awareness
Horse Energetic +1 Move or Riding or CON
Lion Valorous Attack or Hunting or Damage +d6
Lizard Honest Hunting or Shamanism
Moose Generous +1 Move or Hunting or Swimming
Osprey Honor +1 Move or DEX or STR
Otter Reckless Chaste, or Swimming, or Hunting (Hiding)
Raccoon Selfish DEX or Sleight
Ram Lustful +d6 Damage, or +5 (Weapon) Attack
Raven Love (Family) Intrigue or Awareness
Redowl Worldly Recognize or Devise
Seal Trusting +3 Love (Family) or SIZ or +10 Swimming
Snake Arbitrary Stealth or (Weapon) Attack
Sow Modest STR or Compose or Play
Spider Forgiving Ritual or Industry
Trout Energetic +5 Swimming or Longevity
Turtle Just Swimming or CON
Wolf Greedy +5 Awareness or +5 Hunting
Zebra Pious +1 Move or Riding or DEX

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