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In chariot fighting, the Orlanthi begin by driving all over the field hurling javelins, and generally the terror inspired by the horses and the noise of the wheels are sufficient to throw their opponents' ranks into disorder. Then, after making their way between the squadrons of their own cavalry, they jump down from the chariots and engage on foot. In the meantime their charioteers retire a short distance from the battle and place the chariots in such a position that their masters, if hard pressed by numbers, have an easy means of retreat to their own lines. Thus they combine the mobility of cavalry with the staying power of infantry; and by daily training and practice they attain such proficiency that even on a steep incline they are able to control the horses at full gallop, and to check and turn them in a moment. They can run along the chariot pole, stand on the yoke, and get back into the chariot as quick as lightning. -- Jalques de Galin, noted scholar from Ralios

The common beast of burden is the native horse, a small, sturdy and agile breed. Only the brave or foolhardy use horses for riding, since the Galanini take exception to this treatment of their brethren, and on the trail your clan isn't there to support you. The chariot represents a loophole in the Laws of Galanin, however. Two-wheeled chariots are used both for travel and in combat. Larger four-wheeled wagons are occasionally used, especially in the lowlands.

Characters fighting from a chariot gain the +3/-3 bonus for fighting mounted, and can use two-handed weapons. They gain +3 shield armor on a partial success, even if not using a shield (they're partly covered by the chariot's rim).

Some warriors fight while standing at the intersection of the chariot's yoke and center-pole. This has nothing to recommend it, except that it increases Status. Fighting from the yoke is the same as fighting from within the chariot, with the following provisos:

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