The Lotari are raccoon Hsunchen. The Lotari clans are less nomadic than many Hsunchen, though families often move to new camps in Sea Season, and there are frequently extended gathering and hunting expeditions. There's no fixed pattern to their wanderings, though they seldom visit the higher elevations, and prefer to be near swamps or streams.

The Lotari do not hunt their totem.

The magic of transformation is Mask, Raccoon Skin, and Nimble Paws. Shamans return from their vision quest as the opposite gender.

Sun Trout

The chief is Birkiska Leaves-No-Tracks. His sister is named Virmu, and is married to Traja; the two of them fostered Ort of the Karbaring clan.


The clan is named for their favorite food

Golden Cap

Named for the mushroom


The tree is sacred to them.


Copper Mask

Penet Greenback is a member of this clan.


17 Rings

Named for the large number of rings on their tails when they transform.

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