Rune Magic of Ralios

These divine magic spells are presented for PenDragon Pass, but you should be able to convert to RuneQuest fairly easily.

Battle Luck
1 point, self, ritual, reusable, stackable
Each point adds adds +1 to the Awareness and Battle skills of the spell caster for the duration of the battle.

Bless Bull
1 point, touch, instant, nonstackable, one-use
This fertility spell guarantees that a bull’s next offspring will be male, or rarely twins, and will be a superior bull (STR and CON +d6). This spell can be cast only on the High Holy Day, and affects only the following year’s calving.

Bless Ring
3 points, ritual, reusable
This short ceremony temporarily adds +6 to Loyalty (Ring) and allows an inspiration roll for members of that ring.

Bless Standard
1 point, ritual, reusable
This spell requires an hour-long ritual. Cast on a battle standard, it gives the warleader’s fyrd a +5 to all Valorous rolls, as long as the standard is visible. Loss of a standard forces all fyrd-men to make a Valorous roll at -5.

1 point, touch, duration 12 hours, nonstackable, reusable
Similar to Catseye.

2 points, self, temporal, nonstackable, reusable
As long as the caster continues to head towards his target, his movement rate is doubled, and he is nearly invulnerable to missiles (only critical successes count, but they do normal damage).

1 point, self, temporal, nonstackable, reusable
This spell helps persuade someone. It acts as a critical success in a trait roll, usually Lustful or Honest.

Cite Law
1 point, self, nonstackable, reusable
Use of this spell acts as a critical success in Custom (Orlanthi). It could be used during a trial to win a point, or during a moot to nullify a decision (by citing improper procedure).

Create Moot
3 points, ritual, reusable
Similar to Create Market.

1 point, ranged, nonstackable, reusable
Cast on any weapon, this spell improves the damage against draconic creatures -- treat any rolls of 1 or 2 as 3. It is incompatible with Fireblade.

2 points, self, temporal, stackable, reusable
The caster has twice his normal chance to critical with Oratory -- if her skill is 12, she criticals on 11 or 12; if her skill is 21, she criticals on 17 or higher.

Fluency <language>
1 point, ranged, temporal, nonstackable, reuseable
This spell doubles the target’s skill to speak a language for the duration of the spell, but doesn’t increase skill over 20.

Form Ring
1 point, ritual, reusable
This spell binds individuals into a ring. They start a Loyalty (Ring) passion at 3d6. Participants can sacrifice a point of POW to start with a 2d6+6 Loyalty (Ring) passion.

A person can be a member of more than one ring.

1 point, ritual, nonstackable, reusable
This spell gives the field it is cast on a 10% greater yield next harvest. It can only be cast on a field adjacent to the river of the deity granting the spell (Pastoma or one of her daughters, in the case of Saug), or on a field adjacent to one on which the spell has already been cast. It is not cumulative with any other fertility-increasing magics.

Allows the caster to be able to repeat something word-for-word including inflections, etc.

River Watch
2 points, self only, duration variable, nonstackable, reusable
Similar to Path Watch, but stays in effect as long as the caster remains on the river system. A Ritual roll is required for each portage.

Shield Break
1 point, ranged, temporal, stackable, reuseable
This spell can be cast on any weapon. Each point converts one damage die to a "red die." If a "red die" rolls a 6, then the opponent’s shield is broken. It has no effect if the opponent has no shield.

Tame Bull
1 point, ranged, temporal, nonstackable, reuseable
This spell will calm any bull (including according to some, initiates of Bemurok), making it meek and submissive. This is often used to allow the caster to geld the animal.

1 point, instant, stackable, reusable
This spell deafens and confuses troll sonar within a 100m radius. Match the CON of any darksense-using creatures against the POW of the caster via one roll. If the roll succeeds then those creatures affected lose 2 from their Awareness per point of the spell. They get their sonar back at full strength after 20-CON minutes.

Wind Binding
1 point, ritual, reusable, stackable
This ritual enchants a leather bag (or sometimes a rope) to be capable of holding a wind.

For each point of spell used, one air spirit can be captured in the bag, using normal binding rules.

The bag can also be used to capture a gust of wind. Match the user’s POW against the wind’s STR -- success means the wind has been captured in the bag and can be released later. Each extra point of spell used to create the bag reduces the wind’s STR by 20 for purposes of capturing it.

Wind Run
1 point, ranged, temporal, nonstackable, reusable
The recipient of this spell can run at up to ten times Movement Rate (instead of the normal three times), but only in the direction of the wind. While at speed, she can run over obstacles no higher than herself.

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