Sample Anadikking Characters

Note: I allow the clan for free, and treat names as a single word.


A tough, stubborn farmer and initiate of Darkka, Melgare led her many younger siblings through the Blackstorm with the Lead Family and Read Rocks feats of Elenadarkka. Respected by priests, she speaks persuasively and bargains for her foster-mother Alustakke Earthlifter, helped by the Ravenstongue Necklace. Melgare is strong and attractive, but short and broad, with long, brown hair and dark eyes. Juranith Willowframe stole her fiancÚ Kentvyn the Tall, and her warrior brother Anakul Flintedge repels suitors. She respects dragons and admires wealth but prefers old ways and songs, and follows her dream guide through ancient myths and legends. Melgare hopes to succeed Alustakke on the ring. [by Rob Helm]


Ranvere is an intuitive Darkka forager of the Blue Frog clan. She scaled Gofi Wall and found the Twelve Claw Necklace, driving off the ghost of Tolti Hundred-Killer. Spying on Kolard Dragon-Priest, she learned to understand Auld Wyrmish, but stubbornly resists the new ways — or maybe she’s too literal-minded. Her plain-spoken opposition won her no friends. While exploring in Brolia, she unearthed Hoof-Slicer and befriended Brolaranth Blue-Eyes. An accomplished cook, she always finds flavorful or healing herbs. She never gets lost, and can withstand the bitterest winter winds. She is good with children, and her optimistic nature makes her popular throughout Anadikki. She hopes to find Bregovyn’s Falx, stolen by digijelm.

Vandikki Twice-Awake

Vandikki Twice-Awake is an inquisitive herder of the Blue Frog clan, who worships Hagodereth. He is a tall man, good at sports. Although awkward around women, he travelled with Sare Goodseller to Voranel, where he traded for his Blue Silk Kilt. His goldenwool cloak protects him in any season, and the runes his grandmother knit into his hat ward off evil spirits. He is tone deaf despite his keen hearing. He hates wolves, once tracking one for days so he could trap it. While serving as an auxiliary, he learned Carmanian, and returned with much silver (directly from the Shah), which he shares freely. He aspires to the Golden Fleece Quest.

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