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The following unusual beings can be found in Glorantha. Most of these come from Greg Stafford's most recent writings, and aren't described in Gloranthan Bestiary or other HeroQuest or RuneQuest supplements.

Anaxial's Roster has more information on several of these.

Dog-headed lizards. [Glorious ReAscent of Yelm (Ivory Edition) 96] Their parent is Los, a hatchling of SurEnslib.

The Plant People: Elves. The ancient Wendarians called them Talargs.

Flying creatures who gave up their wings to manifest Thella. Also called Ezelites or Ezelito (they followed the teachings of Ezel Balurenesh). They are a type of keet. [RM].

Demon race of the Vithelan Antigods. Colonies are found throughout the East Isles. Subtypes include the Arandinni. [RM].

One of the "Little People" of Dragon Pass, who have a feud with the "winged people" [King of Sartar 103].

Big Birds. The ancient Rinliddi used them as mounts for their avilry troops. They were exterminated in Peloria during the Great Darkness and only Dragonewts ride them now. They may be related to the verks. [Glorious ReAscent of Yelm (Ivory Edition) 103]

Monsters fought by Suvar in ancient Darjiin. They were intelligent and used poisoned darts and traps. They had two faces on either side of the head and four arms. They hated humans and Suvar solved the problem by splitting them down the middle so they became peaceful. [Glorious ReAscent of Yelm (Ivory Edition) 95] Their ancestor is KuKwatta, a hatchling of SurEnslib.

Fire beings of Pamaltela, created by Noruma. Called "Promalti" by the God Learners. [Revealed Mythologies]

cranes, guardian
These 10 m high birds guard the islands of Kathela [King of Sartar 26].

(Dara Happan) Troll. Trolls call themselves "Uz," and are a humanoid species associated with the Darkness rune. They are described in numerous publications, including Trollpak and Troll Gods.

Either humans cursed with feathers and webbed feet, or ducks cursed with intelligence and flightlessness. The Lunar Empire made them the scapegoats for Starbrow's Rebellion in 1614.

Fox women [King of Sartar 103].

(Dara Happan "shakes-ground") dinosaur. Some types were herded by the Dara Happans [Glorious ReAscent of Yelm 14], and others are sacred to the Earth goddesses.

Some sort of giant. In the 500s, 40 Hecolanti travelled westward from Jord, and were joined by the Dara Happan emperor Sothenik [The Fortunate Succession 28].

Ice demons, which can be found at Valind's Glacier. RQ statistics for a small hollri can be found in the cult of Himile in Troll Gods.

Giants created by dwarfs. Some were given intelligence by elves (some can be found in Aggar, where they are called Dringi, and Saug). The Faceless Statue which Pavis used to build his city was a jolanti. Different Worlds 21 describes how dwarfs create jolanti.

A generic term for monster, usually with connotations of chaos.
Some Hellwood elves of Dorastor worship the god Krjalk, and are called Krjalki. [Dorastor: Land of Doom 19]

Sheng Seleris fed part of the Red Emperor to lionbirds [The Fortunate Succession 63]. This is probably a name for griffin. However, Martin Crim wrote to Greg about them several years ago (as part of a Gloranthan novel he wrote), and Greg may be using Martin's version.

Riding beast of the Zaranistangi. Their gait is ungainly, but they can perform great leaps, and when ridden by their kin, they can teleport. [RM 38, 100]

The Stone People: dwarfs. Elder Secrets has much information; Anaxial's Roster has HeroQuest stats and information about mostali creations; Revealed Mythologies presents several myths with the mostali as antagonists (sometimes as allies of the Vadeli).

This horned beast pulled the chariots of the Andam Horde. They were all killed after Daxdarius defeated the Andams. [Entekosiad 40]

In "The Migration Downland," Varnaval leads the ordeeds, along with his Wild Companion the Great Andam. [Anaxial's Roster 175]

red rats
Carrion eaters, usually 4-5 kg, but they can grow at least as large as lions if they have unlimited food. Found in Pelanda. [Entekosiad 54]

A sabertooth tiger (smilodon). In Dara Happan mythology, Sakkar is the God of Fear, and is IV-11 on the Gods Wall. They can be found in Ralios, Balazar, and the Pelorian forests.

Humanoid reptiles, probably the same as the pelmre (the third species of creatures made by Pamalt, aided by Balumbasta and Cronisper). Their ancestral homeland is Wongarrissi. During the Great Darkness they overran the Oabil Kingdom (probably the Vadeli kingdom of Chir). [Revealed Mythologies]

The Milk Antelope, semi-domesticated in Jolar, Kothar, and Tarien (in Pamaltela). It's considered the running creature of the South. [Revealed Mythologies 33]

A flying, carnivorous reptile from the God's War Age [King of Sartar 32].

A large, running bird of Zarkos [The Fortunate Succession 9]. They may be related to the augners.

A type of hawk, revered by most Sun worshippers.

There are other creatures mentioned, such as folgors, luvloos and mindirins, but nothing is known of them. There are also many unique monsters and demons, such as Extark, Urgutogus or Never the Same.

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