Tales of Ernandel

Odrang River-Conqueror was the son of Hendrang Three-herds of the Forosilvuli Tribe. He disliked King Hestenos of Urdryastead and quarreled with him over his rights. After several years of wrangling, Odrang challenged Hestenos by asserting a claim to the Bull-Horn Helm. When Odrang's allies deserted him, Hestenos outlawed Odrang and his kin. Odrang still had many friends and he became a powerful spear-thane of Kagradus, the High King of the Heortlings.

At that time, the High King warred with the tribes of Peloria and the Shadzorings of Alkoth who were raiding the Lanisti, one of the Nine Clans of Talastar. He sent Odrang with a war band to aid the Lanisti against the Shadzoring monsters. The Shadzorings had placed the Erinflarth river under their yoke -- none could travel the river without being killed by those monsters. Odrang befriended a daughter of the Erinflarth named Voranel. She dug a channel around the Shadzorings, allowing him to surprise the monsters and slay them all. This channel is still there today. Odrang freed the Erinflarth, and her people aided him against the Shadzorings.

Several years later, Odrang built a town at the juncture of the Erinflarth and Voranel's channel, near the Talastaring sacred site of Varknathendar. With the plunder from the Shadzorings, Odrang had the mostali build a tall stone wall. He named the town Voranel after the river daughter. He settled there and founded the Odranging clan. Voranel became a center of trade and its mercenaries protected Varknathendar from foreigners. In time, the High Priestess of Varknathendar made Voranel her residence. When Kulebras Ironbreaker became Warlord of Lakrene, the chiefs of Voranel supported him.

Mard Heavy Dancer was a fearless man, renowned for his luck. He had the ability to laugh at any situation. He quested to the Other Side, and gained the ability to make great leaps. During an assault on Alkoth, he sprang to the top of the 100 metre high wall to cast javelins at the Shadzorings.

Vornathendra was the daughter of Vorkara the Awakener and Skild Harefoot. She was both conceived and born at Varknathendar during Sacred Time. While visiting there as a girl, she heard the spirits talking. That day, she had her first woman-blood.

Before long, Vornathendra became the Priestess of Varknathendar, sealing the ritual with Angmord the Bold, son of Linder Brightspear, son of Frusang Loudmouth, son of Odrang River-Conqueror. She was soon the most powerful woman in Voranel.

Vornathendra had many fine children, with different fathers. With Alteng, son of Mard Heavy Dancer, she had a son, Jangi Two-Step. Jangi took after his grandfather, though he walked in Yinkin's path. Few could meet his stare in battle.

Vornathendra's daughter Nallindia was known for her nimbleness. She made a good marriage to Money-Holldor, and gave birth to a daughter, Esgillia. But when the girl was about two years old, she fell into the Erinflarth river and was carried away. Money-Holldor blamed Nallindia for Esgillia's death, and divorced her. Nallindia travelled, first to Rist, then to Heortling lands, where she realized she was called by Dronyesta Foxhair, a pre-Dawn Vingan hero.

Vornathendra was known as an Awakener, and frequently hosted members of the Elder Races. One time when a sickness hit Voranel, she asked the help of Martog Darkwhisper, a Xiola Umbar priestess. Martog broke the plague, and was welcomed among the Odrangings afterwards.

Kuleneth, a renowned war leader of the Lanisti, married Vornathendra. Although some said their marriage was not very passionate, both seemed very pleased by it.

Kuleneth's younger brother was Hrothgar the Mighty. He was a tall man, popular and fearless, but slow of speech. He married Elerandra, an ambitious woman who was a shrewd trader. Hrothgar bore the sword Demon-Biter on several raids against Alkoth.

Kuleneth fostered Janalath Cloud-Waker, who became good friends with Hrothgar.

Faltham was an important member of the Odranging clan, known for his generosity and the splendid appointments of his hall. He opposed Kuleneth in his election as warlord, but they remained friends, and Kuleneth appointed him to the clan ring.

Faltham had two sons. Feolam was known for his strength, and became a clan weaponthane. Furlam became a god-talker at an early age, and spread the news of the Lightbringers, walking the path of Hedbeday. It was widely known that he read many books, and he was sought after in neighboring communities as a mediator. He was appointed as the clan's ambassador to the Council in Dorastor.

Gwithfyra Earthwitch was one of the god-talkers at Varknathendar. Her son Kothar had a knack for fire magic, and became a redsmith. Seeking to learn more about his craft, he rescued a mostali smith from the aldryami.

Verdun Owl Eye ... He built a strong stead at Weeping Rocks.

Sekinmor was touched by Mastakos, and frequently travelled far from Voranel. He returned often, but was content nowhere.

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