Verdun Owl Eye

Verdun Owl Eye is a fearless, keen eyed Elmali Horse Thane of the Odranging clan. He has a large herd of swift, graceful horses. He enjoys hunting and living off the land. He carries a powerful talisman that allows him to see at night as if it were day. Weeping rocks, his massive, fortified stead, sits atop a tall stone hill with natural springs. It can shelter many families and has a commanding view of the countryside. His wife Randella, an Ernaldan Kerofin worshipper, and three children live here. One of his fiercest companions is Badbreath, an Uz warrior. He often carries a horn bow.

While traveling through the cold mountains with Nallindia, Verdun learned to choose the safest path. After being saved twice by Martog, Verdun pledged an oath to aid her with all his resources whenever she had the need. During the counter attack on the besieging Orlanteffing clan, he was so impressed with the skill and valour of Rastigar, a Lakrene horse thane, that he gifted him a swift horse and exchanged oaths of friendship. During the campaign on the Oslir, Verdun used his ability to lead lightning quick raids to supply the troops, but the size of the vast host made pickings very slim.

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