Elric/Glorantha Magic

by Simon Hibbs

Note: I have tweaked the sorcery rules a bit to suit my own tastes.

Spirit Magic

Casting: The chance to cast a spirit magic spell successfully is POWx5%, minus any fatigue penalty.

Endurance (Spell): Allows the recipient to make an immediate fatigue recovery roll at CON x (Spell Pts)%. Any single character may receive the benefits of only one Endurance spell every 5 rounds.

Divine Magic

No changes.


Intensity (Skill): This skill is now subsumed by the skill to cast the individual spell.

Free INT: As RQ3.

Damage Boosting (Spell) : This spell now adds the same amount of damage as would be inflicted by a Phantom Touch spell of the same intensity. See the description of that spell for details. E.g. an intensity 6 Damage Boosting spell now adds 1D6 to the damage done by the target, a 10 points spell adds 1D10, and so on.

There is one exception. If the points of the spell exactly equal the maximum rollable on the weapon's base damage roll, simply roll the weapon's damage twice and add. E.g. a dagger has a base damage of 1D4+2, for a maximum of 6 points. Thus a dagger with Damage Boosting 6 cast on it would do 2D4+4 damage instead of 1D4+2+1D6.

Odd points of Damage Boosting generally do not add to damage, e.g. a 5pt Damage Boosting normally adds 1D4 damage, the same as a 4pt Damage Boosting. The advantage is it is more difficult to dispel.

Mystic Vision (Spell) : Ignore the last paragraph of the spell description. Some schools and sects of sorcery have specialist spells for object reading that can achieve the results described.

The range of the spell applies to the range at which it can be cast on a person. The distance that the magical vision extends to is equal to the square of the points of the spell in meters.

Sight Projection : Ranged spells can be cast through a Sight Projection, so long as they do not exceed the points of the Sight Projection. The range of a spell cast through a Sight Projection is counted from the Sight Projection viewpoint.

Touch Projection : Spells with a range of Touch may be cast at targets in contact with a Touch projection, so long as the point of the spell do not exceed the intensity of the Touch Projection.

Ritual Magic

The Enchant and Summon skills are incorporated into the Ceremony skill.

Copyright ©1996 Simon D. Hibbs. Last updated 2 Sep 96 drd.

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