Elric/Glorantha Rules

by Simon Hibbs

This is probably the most non-standard part of the rules I use. Most, if not all, of this part can be ignored without affecting anything else.

Special Results

A Critical is a roll of 1/5th the character's chance. Roll the weapon's damage twice before adding magic and damage bonuses.

An Impale is a roll of 01% on a D00. Do critical damage and ignore armour (including magic armour).

A fumble is a roll of 99 or 00 on D00 if your skill is 100 percent or less, or a roll of 00 on D00 if your skill is 101 percent or more.

Damage & Wounds

Minor Wounds: Any wound of less than half of the adventurer's total hit points is a minor wound. Individual minor wound have no serious effects.

Major Wounds: Any wound that costs the adventurer half or more of total hit points is a major wound. The adventurer is bleeding and will lose 1 hit point per round. The bleeding can be stopped by 2 or more points of healing, or a successful Physik roll.

Zero or Negative Hit Points: The character goes into immediate shock, and falls unconcious. Unconciousness lasts as many minutes as the character's hit points went negative by. Shock lasts until the character recovers full hit points, and spends a full nights sleep on full hit points. All skills are halved until the adventurer recovers fully. Characters whose hit points go to minus their CON or lower die during the next book keeping phase.

Healing & Recovery

Bleeding: May be stopped by a character spending 1 round trying to bind the wound and making a successful Physik roll. Magical healing spells of 2 points or more also stop bleeding.

Healing Major Wounds: Surgery (using the Physic skill) and magic may both be used to heal Major Wounds independently, they do not affect or inhibit each other. However, only the most successful attempts and Surgery or Magical healing have effect.

Say a character received a 9 point Major Wound. If 5 point sof the wound are healed by magic, further magical attempts at healing must heal at least 6 points worth in order to heal 1 more HP of damage. If someone then performed surgery and successfuly healed 3 point using the Physic skill, then this would have full effect but further Physic rolls would effectively have their effectiveness reduced by 3 points.

Fatigue and Exhaustion

After every combat lasting more that 5 rounds, or every 3 hours of hard excercise, the adventurers may be asked to make a CON x5% roll to avoid fatigue. If the roll fails, the character gains one level of fatigue. Encumberance may affect fatigue CON rolls, for example heavy armour.

Fatigue may be regained by spending half an hour resting, eating, etc and making a successful CON x5% roll to recover 1 fatigue level..

Level 1 : Warmed Up. No adverse game effects.
Level 2 : Sweating. -10% to all physical skills.
Level 3 : Tired. -20% to all skills.
Level 4 : Exhausted. -40% to all skills.
Level 5 : Collapsed.

Copyright ©1996 Simon D. Hibbs. Last updated 5 Sep 96 drd.

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