Author Guidelines

At the moment, there's no "theme" for Enclosure 3, other than to bring the world of Glorantha alive by playing in it.

We expect to again cover the cultures of Alkoth and the Heortlings. We'll probably cover other Orlanthi and some of the Pamaltelan cultures as well, such as the Umathelans. If the forthcoming "Hero Wars" game is out, we'll certainly be discussing it.

I'd like to see articles on these or any other subject. They can be short (a single column) or long. Ideally, they will lend themselves to play by making a culture come alive or suggesting scenarios. Scenarios are welcome, but I'd especially like short cameos or scenario hooks (like those in Griffin Mountain, if you remember that far back).

We'd also like artwork. We can scan your black & white originals, or take digital art.

Enclosure 2 did print a lot of myths, but this is not our main area of interest, unless they can relate to a culture or can be played (by a heroquest). We will consider fiction that helps illuminate Glorantha.

Enclosure is a fanzine, so we can't pay in money, but we will give credit and a copy of the issue.

Please e-mail me with any questions.

Last updated 21 May 98 drd.

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