The Enclosure

Issue 1

The first issue was the convention booklet for Glorantha-Con V. It's 94 pages, and contains Dragon Pass and Alkothi materials as well as David Dunham's Pendragon Pass rules for the use of Pendragon in Glorantha. There are also several bits from Greg Stafford, articles on heroquesting, and fiction.

"Stonkingly good Con support book for RQCon Victoria 1997: includes 'Taming of Dragon Pass' Orlanthi material, Alkothi Shargash cult (and nearby victim info), and the PenDragon Pass rules conversion. Exquisitely well laid-out and illustrated." -- Nick Brooke

Partial Table of Contents:Orlanthi woman

Art credits: "The Enclosure" by Mike O'Connor. "Orlanthi Woman" by Stefano Gaudiano, ©1997 A Sharp.
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