HeroQuest Magic


Charm: Single ability provides automatic augment. Can’t be improved.

Fetch: Acts as spirit ally; provides Shamanic Escape and Spirit World Travel.

Fetish: Friendship with [Spirit] vs spirit attitude (14 if friendly) for augment or ability. Has 2-3 abilities.

Spirit Ally: Acts as independent follower. Practitioner can only have one, and must concentrate magic.

Spiritist: Charms only (usually at least 5), containing tradition spirits.

Practitioner: Make and use fetishes and charms. May ally a friendly spirit if concentrated.

Shaman: Have fetches, travel to Otherworld.


Affinity: Used only to augment. Devotees may improvise feats from an affinity.

Divine Aid: Roll Worship [Pantheon] vs 10W6, Initiate of [Deity] or Devotee of [Deity] vs 10W3 for divine intervention.

Divine Companion: a daimon sidekick, usually serving a devotee.

Feat: A magical effect. Only one augment per affinity. Initiates are -10 with named feats of an affinity, -5 if concentrated.

Communal Worshipper: Divine Aid only.

Initiate: Affinities and named feats. May use common magic feats as abilities if concentrated.

Devotee: May learn feats. Can improvise feats. Must concentrate magic.

Common Magic

Talent: Provides automatic augment (unless concentrated).

• Charms, Feats, and Spells are also available (all must be augments unless the appropriate otherworld is concentrated). Common magic charms may be improved.

Selfrock Teaching concentrates common magic, not just innate magic talents.

• Single keyword for all common magic.


Blessing: Use [Scripture] vs 14 for automatic augment to every member of congregation. One special blessing per week.

Curse: Use [Scripture] vs target; normal consequences.

Formulary: contains spells to be cast with a talisman. Each spell must be learned.

Grimoire: contains related spells. Use [Grimoire] casts any spell; its spells aren’t learned separately.

Miracle: Roll Worship [God] vs 10W9 or Know [Saint] vs 10W6 for divine intervention.

Spell: Cast via talisman (at spell rating) or Use [Grimoire].

Talisman: Allows orderly to cast a spell once. Must be reconsecrated.

Lay Member: Receive blessings. Request miracle vs 10W9.

Liturgist: Invoke blessings and curses with Use [Scripture]. Lead worship with Venerate [God]. A liturgist may also be an order liturgist, and lead worship with Venerate [Saint].

Orderly: Receive saintly blessings. Learn orderly spells from formulary, cast them via talisman. Request miracle vs 10W6.

Apprentice: Learn Aid My Master spell. May learn common magic spells.

Adept: Cast wizardly spells via talisman. Cast spells with Use [Grimoire].

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