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The New Lolon Gospel is an Glorantha/RQ fanzine primarily featuring Imther and the other provinces of the Lunar Empire in Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha. It is designed to develop the color and background of these long-neglected areas with a variety of material including stories & songs, cult writeups, campaign settings, characters, and even such tidbits as common omens and slang.

ISSUE #2 IS AVAILABLE! The focus of this issue are the wanderers of Imther: the merchants (including trade goods and trade routes) and the tricksters. It also includes: the Cult of Lokarma, the Imtherian goddess of trade; an article on Gloranthan Gems and their lore penned by Martin Crim; the sacred runes of Orlantio, Imther's premier trickster; and several common tales, including the infamous Cheese War! There are also more stories of the Imtherian Lightbringers and Jannisor.

For those who desire a campaign background, this issue includes the first part of the Imther Campaign from Harald Smith's personal inhouse campaign set in Amber Fort, a colony along the border of Imther and Balazar, with links to the old Griffin Mountain pack (and also pieces from the Griffin Island pack). This issue is 64 pages at a cost of $6.

ISSUE #1 appeared in January 1995. This first issue focused solely on the Kingdom of Imther, which Harald Smith developed extensively over the years. The issue includes: an Imtherian Prosopædia (charting all the primary deities of the Imther pantheon), one full cult writeup (Ralaska the Hearthmother), and numerous stories about the gods, including the Khelmal cycle and the Imtherian Lightbringer cycle. There are also lots of tidbits scattered throughout from Imtherian slang to initiation rituals to special spells. This issue runs 40 pages at a cost of $4.

In the US:
Issue #2 (only) is available directly from Harald Smith at:

31 Coleman Road
Groveland, MA 01834-1022
Both issues are available from Wizard's Attic (1-800-213-1493 or 1-510-547-2185).

In Australia both issues are available from:

Andrew Bean
4 Maggie Street, Yarraville VIC 3013
Phone (03) 9687 5523
Distribution for the UK and Europe is from the Reaching Moon Megacorp (contact David Hall at <>. Issue #1 is 3.50 pounds. Issue #2 is 4.00 pounds. Only UK postage is included.

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