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This pilgrimage allows Storm Bull cultists to recreate the life of the Bull, climaxing in battle against the Devil. Its official name is "Following Storm Bull to Kill Chaos." Members of associate cults may also participate, but must join Storm Bull immediately after the pilgrimage. Surviving the pilgrimage substitutes for passing the ordinary test. The pilgrimage takes up to four weeks.

This is another famous pilgrimage. Most Khans and many initiates can provide information on it to curious cultists.

Getting Yoked. This requires at least one actual marriage between a pilgrim and an Eirithan. The pilgrims will do better if all of them marry. The marriage rules do not apply as strictly as normal for this ceremony, especially the kinship restrictions. After all, the Bull and Eiritha are cousins. The marriage should take place at the Paps, but any oasis will do.

The marriage ceremony requires the slaughter (with a successful Peaceful Cut) of at least one herd animal. This animal must come from the pilgrims' tribe. For example, Bison riders slaughter a bison. The wedding party then consumes so much alcohol they pass out.

After the pilgrims have consummated their marriages, they set out for wilder places for the second phase of the pilgrimage.

Look Out for the Bull. In this stage, the cultists enact conflicts representing the Bull's battles before the Great Darkness. In the Bull's two most famous battles of that age, he defeated Lodril the volcano god and Ragnaglar of the Unholy Trio. Storm Bull also fought a mountain, which he twisted into a corkscrew shape. The mountain now bears the name of Storm Walk. Storm Bull killed many gods, and fought even with his brother Humakt. The Bull lashed out at all who stood in his way, giving loyalty only to his closest kin and to his liege lord, Genert.

In imitation of the Bull's blind fury against nearly all, the pilgrims spread fear, confusion, and warfare. The pilgrims may attack anyone other than members of Storm Bull or those under the protection of Storm Bull cultists. (Thus, Praxians who know of an impending Storm Bull pilgrimage often make arrangements for protection by Storm Bull cultists of their tribe.)

The pilgrims may only take booty they can carry on their mounts. This pilgrimage is not a cattle raid.

Raging Bull. This stage occurs in the Dead Place. This harsh place lost all its magic when Eiritha gave it to Storm Bull. This enabled Storm Bull to survive a fight with the Devil, and go on to meet him again. People in the Dead Place do not regain MP. If they cast divine magic, they lose it permanently. If it was one-use already, it has no effect. Divination and divine intervention to earth deities (including Eiritha) do not work at all. No right-thinking person ever travels there, but that doesn't stop Storm Bull cultists.

The pilgrims must fight whatever they find there. Sometimes, they fight fear, despair, and boredom. There is no set time limit for remaining, but if the pilgrims do not struggle, they will not reap the rewards. Most of the time, the pilgrims find something obvious to fight: bandits, broos, or fierce chaotic monsters.

Inaugural Bull. This stage occurs at the Block. Here, where Storm Bull summoned a piece of Law to crush the Devil, the pilgrims wade into the Devil's Marsh. Finding chaos to fight takes little time and less skill. Lucky pilgrims will find a not-too-dangerous broo, kill it, and get out. Unlucky pilgrims will find a gorp, or a gorp will find them. Another unpleasant possibility is encountering bow-toting broos who know how to keep their distance. Bullsitch--fist-sized chaotic insects--drive beasts mad with their stings (see stats below). They rarely attack man-rune creatures or morokanth. Bullsitch always attack in huge swarms. Other dangers include dragonsnails, walktapi, stoorworms, and spirits of disease. Dirty water poses a danger of disease even if the monsters do not kill the pilgrims. The pilgrims will have many opportunities to Sense Chaos, but most of the time will find only mutated vegetation.








Move: 10 (flying)




Hit Points: 4




Fatigue Points: 10













Hit Location








Attack %





1D4 + burning poison

* can impale; on impale, ignores non-magical armor instead of rolling double damage

Notes: a successful attack injects the bullsitch's burning poison under the victim's skin. This causes intense pain. Each sting causes 1D6 FP loss. In addition, when the victim has been stung for more times than its INT, it runs in panic in the direction it believes will take it away from the swamp.

Skills: Dodge 45+9

Armor: 1-point chitin

The Eternal Battle. This magical weather feature sometimes shows up to honor those who imitated the Bull well. This magical stormcloud sweeps across the plains at or near the surface, and sweeps up truly Bullheaded pilgrims, leaving the unworthy behind. Inside, the pilgrims participate in the Bull's never-ending battle. After a period ranging from an hour to a year, the stormcloud usually deposits the pilgrims at the top of the Block. The pilgrims may have increased their skills during that time, or may have no apparent benefit. All pilgrims who return from the Eternal Battle bear the mark of the Bull, a hoof-shaped scar on the forehead. This mark brings much honor from Storm Bull cultists, but usually merits instant attack by Lunars.

Victors' Portions

These go to the pilgrims who imitated the Bull's virtues. The pilgrims ascend the ramp to the top of the Block (if the Eternal Battle did not deposit them there). They perform a ceremony of worship and thanksgiving. Pilgrims often gain petition POW, because this is a dangerous pilgrimage. Initiates often gain a free use of Berserker or Impede Chaos. Storm Khan pilgrims may gain a use of Earthpower. Mystic insight allows the pilgrim an automatic 5% increase in Sense Chaos, taken after the skill gain roll.

Especially successful pilgrims can gain dominion over one of the Parts of the Bull. These spirits have INT 2D6+6, POW 4D6. They do not require a binding object. The Bull's Head intercepts attacking spirits for its master. The Bull's Heart knows Fanaticism and enough Strength to fill up the rest of its INT. The Bull's Hide splits its INT between Protection and Shimmer, and has Shield 4 reusably. The Bull's Feet knows Endurance 1 and enough Mobility to fill up the rest of its INT. The Bull's Hooves knows Bladesharp 4 and Bludgeon 4 and has the rest of its INT filled with Ironhand. The Part of the Bull remains with the pilgrim for one season and then departs.



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