Tentacles 2005

Tentacles Grandezza was held 13-16 May 2005 at Burg Stahleck, a picturesque castle above the town of Bacharach. The castle overlooks the Rhine valley, and has been converted into a comfortable youth hostel. Conveniently, the hostel provides breakfast (the traditional roll and cold cuts) and dinner (nothing to write home about). Even more conveniently, it also sells beer, wine, and mead, as well as late night snacks (including pizza, which I didn't recall from previous trips). And if the coffee or odd herbal teas aren't to your liking, they have an automatic espresso maker (which kept Greg Stafford going).

Last year I wrote that I hoped to return. I'd hoped to bring my wife, but she was in the throes of completing her Masters Degree, so she told me to go anyway. So I did.

With only one year between visits, the differences were fairly minor. But that's not a bad thing, given how well the convention is run by Fabian Küchler and his capable team.

I played in the LARP "The Wulf Came In From The Cold" as the clan wyter.clan spiritWulf LARP

Gregory Privat ran The Hill of Gold (note the Yelmalian glow and the flying moonboat):Hill of Gold

Greg Stafford's announcements at the GTA party included presentation of the "Gregged Rune" shirt to Nick Brooke:Gregged Rune

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